I have been watch booktube videos on YouTube for a while now and it was those videos that inspired me to start up my own blog. While watching those videos, I noticed that they didn’t only review books, but they started doing #BookTag video, which I found to be a fantastic was to connect all of the booktubers together. I love this aspect so much, that I am going to be adding this onto my blog, but something’s will have to be changed and adapted to make it work for blogs, rather than YouTube.

I am hoping that this works similar to that and is a way of linking all of the book bloggers together in a fun little way, while also getting to know each other a bit better. If this has already been done then I would like to apologise, but I am new to all this. Speaking of being new, I don’t know how to tag people and because these are all meant to be fun anyone can do these tags, but please paste your page link into the comments below the correct tag because I would love to check them out.