Setting Up A New Website!

Hello there 😀

If you have noticed, I haven’t uploaded anything new in a while and I do have a good reason for that, not just the same old excuses of forgetting to post. I have been trying to set up a new website, with a new domain name that I actual own and doesn’t have to be I will admit that I have had times where I have taken a break from posting and I am now getting back into it hard, and by paying for my website domain name, I am hoping that it will inspire to really get into this with great new inspiration. The name I have chosen is one that I came up with after I had already set this one up and I personal think it sounds better. It is also the same name as my twitter account that I have also set up that I have been posting linking to this site for a while, so now it is so great that they both have the same name 🙂

At the moment, the site is new and only has a few reviews posted on there, as well as some information, but I’m hoping to change that very soon. But I have been looking forward to doing this for a while. So please check it out this new site I have set up and please give it a follow if you have liked what you have read on this site. I hope to see you all there 😀 – please click here


My New Book Shelves!


I have had books scattered everywhere lately, and I mean everywhere! Taking up the whole middle section of the living room table, covering and stacking both bedsides tables, and in the section underneath, rows stacking up next to my original two book shelves and on top of the book shelves. So has you can tell, I definitely needed more book shelves!! This time, I took the time and actually looked at the sizes and everything else that was important with the decision when it came to making my choice in what book shelves to buy. My previous shelves were short and narrow, with about three shelves each, so my shelves were limited and I could only fit about one row of books on each shelf, and not many at that.

This time around, my shelves are taller, longer and are extremely deeper! I can actually fit two rows of books on the same shelf, if I wanted to, but that always make me feel kind of cringey as I then don’t get to see the books that are behind them, but there are ways around that. These shelves are so tall and I have so much space left in between, that I could actually purchase additional shelves and create additional shelves, which may be a waste as I’ve already got an empty shelf, which I’ve put DVD’s on it for now, which is killing me. But at least now I have the perfect excuse to buy new books 😀 like I needed an excuse. I love having these new book shelves and I especially love having all my books officially in one place now.

Migraines :'(


Hey fellow readers and bloggers!

I need to apologise for not posting anything in a while. I do suffer from chronic migraines, which have sadly been playing up a lot lately. I haven’t been able to think about reading, let alone actually pick up a book, my tablet (other than my migraine tablets that is 😜) or look at a laptop screen to type up a new post. I’ve been suffering with chronic migraines since I was 17 years old, and they’ve been getting worse over the last year. This really sucks when you love to read!!! This also sucks when you’ve got a new blogging site.

I started doing new online university courses, a Child Behaviour course and a Legal Secretary course, as well as working, before the migraines started getting worse. Because the migraines then started escalating and got out of control, I then had to reluctantly drop the courses because I couldn’t look at the laptop, couldn’t do the work and fell too far behind and couldn’t catch up. Plus, with the constant pain, the courses weren’t high on my priority list. A couple of months later, my job was the next thing to go.

It’s not just the headaches that comes when you have migraines, which is what some people just assume, that’s just apart of it. For me, I have horrible pain in my eyes, which make any light extremely painful, causing me to spend the whole time lying cwtched up in bed in the pitch black under the black, plus my vision can then become blurry on times. I become nauseous and am unable to eat because if I do eat, it all just comes back up. Any bit of noise or certain smells can make things work, or can trigger one in the first place. I become forgetful because of the pain, I can barley walk, because with each footstep is like throbbing pain and that’s if I can lift my head up to begin with. My mood and emotions and like a whirlwind because of the pain and I have to be left alone, otherwise I find myself shouting at friends or family members for silly things that I shouldn’t be. This is also because I become so irritable. I even get neck pain, stiffness and shooting pains up and down my neck.

I am still back and fore the surgery, seeing my GP, who has referred me to see specialist neurologists, who isn’t the first consultant I’ve been referred to since I’ve first been diagnosed with chronic migraines. The funny thing about the type of migraine that i have is that you need three things to have it, and yepp, i have the three things. A family history of Ashma, a family history of Migraines and now for the weird one, my hair colour!! Yepp, I was born with my hair colour. That is actually one of them. And I looked at him stupid when he asked me if I dyed my hair. I have been put on so many daily “preventative” medication, and am currently on the strongest doses of multiple tablets I’ve ever been put on, which, while makes me drowsy and slugish as hell, isn’t working for the migraines at the moments. I’m also on medication that’s to be taken more directly for when the migraine attacks, which is what changes more, and in this case is injections, which does take the edge off of the migraine. This is a start and more than anything has done in a while. So hopefully this is a good start.

So I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while and I have tried to, even if it was just a quote. I am going to try and be more active now and I know that this post has nothing to do with books, but hopefully it explains the long gaps in between some of my posts.

My New Laptop!!


Yay!! I have finally bought a brand new laptop and am no longer relying on my tablet and phone to write and type up all of my posts, which can be difficult at times, let me tell you. This is going to be soooo strange! Since starting this blog, every post that I’ve posted, have been created, typed up, adapted, edited, had photos included and everything else involved in creating this blog, has been done using my only tablet or phone. As my phone takes the best photos out of the two at times, I have even taken photos on my phone and emailed them to myself, then opened the email on my tablet to include them in the relevant posts. I originally  did this either using the internet at, but then when I became more aware, I downloaded and started using the wordpress app, but I do still use them both.

It’s going to be so strange to actually use a laptop to post reviews, discussions and so on, but I’m hoping that it will be a lot easier. That will definitely be an added bonus. It will be therefore be alot easier for me to post daily and for me to edit my posts, explore the blogging community and join in with discussions alot more. Now I have to get use to the whole new layout and format of it all first, that’s if there’s any change, plus I have begun to really love the app and how easy it is to use. I can even write up several different posts and save them as drafts, which is really cool for when I have an idea for a post, whether it’s about one of my reviews, a possible discussion idea, even this post, as I typed it up the moment I ordered my new laptop. It is so convenient as I’ve always got my phone or tablet on me. But now I’m so excited to do this properly and I can’t wait. I even stalked the delivery driver on the tracking they send you all morning. Maybe a little bit creepily excited. Sorry Jason. Anyways, this is going to be so much fun! :D☺


In a Slump.


I am in the biggest slump at the moment and it’s not just with reading it seems. I have all these ideas with things to post, but I just can’t seem to manage to put them all together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also having the longest reading slump I’ve had so far this year, which stands at about a week, which doesn’t seem like long, but I’m hating it! I don’t know if it’s the book I’m currently reading, the amazing hot weather, the fact I was unwell and now I feel like I’m currently off of my schedule or something completely different. But now I just don’t know what to do to pull myself out of this slump. . .

I’ve looked up some blog posts about “How to get yourself out of a reading slump” for a little inspiration, but I don’t know how I feel about some of those ideas. Let me tell you why.

No. 1: Try A Different Book.
I started off with massive high hopes for the book I am reading and read like 30% of it an hour because of how much I was enjoying it. I then went out for the day down the beach, got heat stroke and couldn’t read so therefore had a little break from the book and voilà. I have a deadline with this book as it’s a Netgalley book, so I really want to finish it, but finish it with enthusiasm and not dread and just slumping it through, so I can give it a proper review. So I don’t want to try a different book when I already have a deadline on another book, but I am seriously tempted as I do have other books to read.

No. 2: Try Netflix and Binge Watching a TV Show.
I actually love that idea. I know that it’s to distract me, to refresh my mind etc, but binge watching a TV show takes time, like serious time. And knowing me, I will get seriously super into that series and have to keep watching and then my books will just keep gathering more dust and I’ll forget everything about the book I originally started watching the show for. Plus I have stuff to do people, I haven’t got time for that! What happens to my blog when I’m binge watching Supernatural, again? Sticking with the creepy. And the sexy.

No. 3: Try Watching Some Films.
Now this one I can do! Spend the watching films. Take a day off and completly unplug. Take a day off from reading, from blogging, both posting and looking at other people’s pages. Watch films that either completely distract me, or films that make me envy and want to read, like Beauty and The Beast. That film always makes me want to read.

No. 4: Go Out! Spend A Day Outside.
The idea of fresh air clearing the mind, not just with reading, but just with everything sounds good. But this time being very sensible with the weather! Discover new places, go for walks, find the perfect spot. Hell, I may even find my new favourite spot where I can go to read outside, especially with this amazing weather we’ve been having. Why not take advantage.

There are so many other things that are suggested to help when you are in a reading slump, but they mainly revolve around similar ideas. Ideas such as, Organising Your Bookshelves, Reading With Someone, Setting Smaller Goals and so on.

My thought behind creating and writing this post was to hopefully rid myself of all my lack of reading frustration and maybe subconsciously help myself towards becoming unslumped 😜 It’s also a great way for me to go over all of everyone’s ideas and for me to kind of talk to myself, in not a crazy way, about what would work for me and what wouldn’t. Who knows us better than ourselves, after all.  So fingers crossed I’ll be posting some reviews soon. Now this is my own idea, maybe I should post some reviews of books I’ve already read but have posted, or wrote yet, and this will encourage me to want to read more, ending my slump! Worth a shot, plus a perfect time to post some old reviews. (The only down side to this and the reason I’ve been putting it off is because I hate reviewing books I’ve read a while ago and haven’t at least skim re read to do an honest up to date review of, as opinions can be imagined or seemed more liked or hated overtime. So we shall see.)

If you have any ideas, please do let me know and do not hesitate to comment below :mrgreen:


What Are Your Best Summer/Holiday Reads?

Hello all!…

The sun is shining, the weather is glorious and I may have had heat stroke over the weekend thanks to this amazing weekend and going out unprepared. Silly me, I should know better. So I would like to say sorry about the lack of blogging activity over the bank holiday weekend, at least it is here in the UK. It’s not usually this hot and I’m never the type to catch the sun, regardless of my hair colour, and now I’m all burnt. But let’s hope this weather stays.

I want to put up a little warning that I will be away on holiday and therefore won’t be blogging from Monday 6th June for a week. So I am sorry in advance, but this has giving me a great idea for a blog post and will give me just under a week to get responses, so let’s see.

When I’m away, especially with this weather, I hopefully plan on getting some extra reading done. Go to the beach, lie in the sand and just relax, especially if the weather is still like this. So my question is;

What are some of the best summer/holiday reads/recommendations?