Review: Blood Rights (Freedom/Hate Book 2) – Kyle Andrews

blood rights*****

I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book.

This is the second book in the Freedom/Hate series and it picks up from where the first book left off. I am going to try and give this review without giving away to many spoilers from this book, or from the first book, Freedom/Hate, but I give no promises sorry. So to be on the safe side, I am going to provide the description from Goodreads:

“It’s in our blood.”
The last words spoken by Uly Jacobs, seconds before his death was televised across the nation.

Since that day, the authorities have been hunting Libby Jacobs. She doesn’t know why they want her, or why they killed her cousin. Desperation has forced her into hiding with a group of people that she once thought of as terrorists. Living among them, she soon comes to realize that everything she once believed in was a lie.

Justin Becker was Uly’s best friend. He grew up with Libby. Once upon a time, he even loved her. Now, Justin has taken on the task of picking up the pieces of Libby’s shattered life. The first step will be finding Libby’s mother. She is critically ill, alone and lost in the broken system. Finding her will be difficult. Saving her may be impossible.

The city is changing. Collin Powers was nobody until the authorities turned him into a symbol. Now his ideas have taken root. His words are forcing people to question their beliefs. His sacrifice will push Freedom out of the shadows and give them the courage to start living up to their name.”

I loved this book!! How much simpler can I put it? I have been waiting for this book ever since I first read the first book, which was I received and read advance again, thank you Kyle Andrews, and let me tell you that I was not disappointed! I thought that I enjoyed the first book, but then after reading this book, it not only reminded me why I loved the first book, but it also added so much more, to not only my enjoyment and excitement, but to the development of the story and to the characters. Freedom/Hate left off with an ending that left me desperately wanting more! Literally. I remember emailing the author back screaming NOOOOOO!! You can’t end it like that! So you can understand my excitement to finally be sent and asked to read and review the eARC sequel of this book 😀

Blood Rights picks up exactly where it left off in Freedom/Hate, so yes, you definitely have to read the first book in order to understand and fully grasp everything that happens in this book. You wouldn’t be able to get away with skipping the first book, Freedom/Hate and beginning with this book, hoping to grasp everything and picking everything up from whats been mentioned. But that is the fun part. You get to enjoy the full extent of the series by actually reading the whole series. Oh, by the way, this is a Dystopian themed series, in case you hadn’t guessed.

You get to know more about other characters  in this book, while still keeping the main ones from the original. We still have Libby Jacobs, Collin Powers, and Justin has our three main characters, but now we get to see some extra characters through their interactions. We get to see more of Libby’s boyfriend Sim and her mother Amanda, but now we get to see them with the aftermath from previous events and see if and how that’s might have affected them. We also get to see more of Freedom this time round, the actual Freedom and not just the Hate that everyone has been propagandised into believing is the truth. We also get to see another side of HAND that we haven’t got to see yet, the inside and vicious side that nobody wants to see.

He did it again!! The author knows how to leave you wanting more because that’s how I’m left right now. I finished reading, what I thought was the end of a chapter and turned a page to find out it was the end of the book! NOOOOOOO!!! I need more. I just finished reading a book that was just under 500 pages, my copy, (Goodreads says 352 pages), in almost no time and I could’ve gladly and easily have read more. But OMG the ending!! How could he do that again. I love this series and really do enjoy reading it, which shocked me at first at how much, because this type of book, and this whole dystopian theme and the type it is, isn’t really my usual type. But it’s really well written, has some strong characters, and the story and plot is what makes me beg for another book to arrive sooner.

I definitely recommend you read both books in this series, and I mean BOTH books in this series, with one of my highest recommendations I can and have given so far! Prepare for the end and how you’ll want the next book NOW but will have to wait, and then be slightly sadden when you suddenly realise that. However, at the end of Blood Rights, it does say that it is going to be continued in November 2016 😀 😀 Super Excited!!! I give this book a MASSIVE 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts? Have you read a book or series where the ending made you need the next book in series right away? Or if it was a stand alone book, what stand alone book do you think needs to have a sequel? Comment below 😀


Review: Cruel Crown – Victoria Aveyard


**** (3.5 out of 5)
I would like to thank NetGalley, the author and publisher for my free copy of this book/two short novellas, in exchange for my honest review of the book.

Let me begin by saying that this book contains two novella prequels to the Red Queen; ‘Queen Song’ and ‘Steel Scars’. I am going to give a little review on each of these novellas individually and then give an overall review. Sorry if there’s any spoilers, but there may be some things mentioned that are in Red Queen, so you are warned.

‘Queen Song’ is the shortest of the two novellas and tells the story of Cals mother, Coriane, and how her life lead up to becoming the queen and how she eventually took her own life, has we discovered in Red Queen. Out of the two novellas, this was my favourite and I was gutted that it was the shortest of the two, only being around 50 odd pages, as it could’ve done with being longer, especially when the next story was three times as long as was not as good. It was also really nice seeing the brother and sister relationship between Coriane and Julian, but then with everything that happens in this novella, it really did need to be longer. It needed some more time to develop how everything was happening with and to Coriane more deeply, which would have been more emotional to the readers, especially as it was meant to be happening over some time, but yet again, was only 50 odd pages. It left me a little unsatisfied and wanting more.

‘Steel Scars’, the second novella on the other hand, could defiantly have done with being shorter and written differently. This novella tells the story of Captain Farley and her adventures leading the Scarlet Guard, the attack on the capital, including how she meets Shade Barrow and how she therefore gets involved with his sister, Mare Barrow. This novella could’ve been alot better but I really didn’t seem to enjoy it. It took me a while to get into the story and it wasn’t until Shade was introduced that I really started paying much attention. I really would’ve preferred this if it was told from Shades point of view, rather than Farleys. It was just too long and could’ve been reduced easily, which is saying something when I’m reading a short story/novella.

I liked how the first story was told from the perspective of a Silver Bloods, who eventually becomes the queen of all the silvers, high up in power. While the second is told from the point of view of a Red Blood, who again is also high up in power but in the rebellion, in the Scarlet Guard.

So for this I have no choice but to give this book an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, which is disappointing to me because I was really looking forward to this one, being a really big fan. If you are a fan of the Red Queen series then you will enjoy as it is nice to know some backround information on the characters you love, or hate, or just have meh feelings about, as it is some extra character development. I really did enjoy Queen Song and I loved learning more about shade and for those reason I feel bad about giving this book a 3.5, but it’s for those reasons that I’ve rated this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Review: Freedom Hate (Book One) – Kyle Andrews


I was sent a free ARC of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review of the book.

This book tells the story of Collin Powers on the run from the police and even worse, HAND, who have convinced the world that he’s a murderer and terrorist, involved with the terrorist organisation known to the country as HATE, who have been blamed for countless more deaths and destruction. Collin in fact, belongs to the group known as Freedom whose incentive is trying to get theirs and everyone else’s freedom back, which is why they are all being targeted and why even their groups name has been changed in the news to the HATE, making out that they are the bad guys. This book also tells the story of Libby, a school girl who has problems of her own, at home, at school, family problems, boyfriend problems, food problems and so much more. When it comes to Libby we get to see the side of the story of the people who are living under the lack of freedom. The lives of people who have no choice of what days they are allowed to go shopping, allowed to picked what’s foods the pick or put on their shopping list, what extracurricular subjects they take in school, as everything is picked and allocated for them. Then one day everything changes….

There is no question in my mind that I am going to be giving this book a massive 5 out of 5 stars as I finished this book in two days and stayed up reading until 3 am because I couldn’t put this book down!!. This book was amazing and now I really can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out so I can find out what happens. I’m really invested in the characters, even the secondary characters had some great development and has me rooting and hoping that they’re going to be okay, especially because there is death and violence in this book so you’re afraid that you’re favourite character may die next.

There were some editing issues, but that’s a very some issue and the main aspect takes a long time to get discovered, which annoyed me because it was pretty obvious. The reason behind the revolution took a while to explain and to be honest I don’t think I fully understand it, or thank it was mentioned, or why the world went as bad as it did, unless it’s meant to be set in a dystopian world.

This book was so exciting that it flew by so much that I would never have realised that I had read 435 pages by the time I had reached the end of the book. Now I gutted that I have to wait for the rest of the series to be written and come out.

I definitely and highly recommend this book with a massive 5 out of 5 stars!! Enjoy and get ready to get hooked to this brand new series 🙂

Review: The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien


I am not the type of person who allows a movie, or in this case movies, influence my decision about how much I like the book or not. In fact it usually has the opposite reaction and I always end up hating the film because they can never live up to the amazing picture I have created in my head. But when it comes to this book I sadly watched the film before reading the book and the book couldn’t live up to how amazing the film’s had been.

In all honesty, this book was never that high on my tbr list and one of the only reasons that I did own it was because it was on this list of 100 books to read and because it was recommended to me. Every time I had originally started to read this book I put it down in search of a new adventure as I don’t believe in wasting time reading book you don’t like when you could be spending that time reading something else that you do like. But after watching all of the film’s I picked it back up with new excitement and started reading it, pushing myself through those first few chapters. I was then left feeling dissatisfied when I finished it as it didn’t seem as great as the film’s had lead me to believe it was going to be and I knew then that I should have read the book first like I always do. Don’t get me wrong I still really enjoyed the book and I still got thrills and it was great being inside the minds and throught process of the characters, otherwise I wouldn’t have given it the 4 stars. I even knew in advance that certain characters that were in the film didn’t exist, which meant that certain scenes wouldn’t exist, but Bilbos greatness was way over exaggerated in the film’s so I felt most disappointed in that. But I hate the fact that the movies were greater than the book!

Read the book first before seeing any of the movies, so that when you see the movies it add to it. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because if I had read the book first then I know that I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more.