Final Day of my Book-A-Thon!

My week long Book-A-Thon has had its ups and downs, but my last day ended on high, well a success,  with me finally able to finish reading The Trap by Melanie Raabe. This meant I didn’t have to end my Book-A-Thon midway through a book, which is an added bonus ☺ 

So, how was my week long Book-A-Thon? As I said, there were some upsnand some downs, that may have included the start of a little slump, which thankfully I hope I’ve averted. I have managed to read three books in total and listen to one audio book, which makes four total books completed during this week :mrgreen:;) I am so pleased to say that I was able to listen and complete my first ever audio book this week, which is something I never thought I’d do, and have a new perspective and dare I say love, for audio books. I was able to read another book I received thanks to a Goodreads Giveaway Win and cross some more books off of my TBR list, as well as keeping on track with my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year, which I was so afraid I was going to fall behind on. Another highlight of this week, for me anyways, is that I have purchased and now own the complete Harry Potter book box set!! A long time goal of mine crossed off my list ☺ and I’m not ashamed if that’s a sad goal to have a life. I’m a book Nerd and proud of it. Now all I want is the Roald Dahl collection and I’m in heaven 👼

I will be posting reviews of all of the books I’ve read as soon as possible. The sooner the better, while the books and all of my thoughts are all fresh in my mind and don’t get jumbled within each others world’s. So here are the books I’ve read and listened to during my week long Book-A-Thon:
Red Queen (The Chronicles of Alice, #2) – Christina Henry
Th1rteen R3asons Why – Jay Asher
Zodiac – Sam Wilson (Audio Book)
The Trap – Melanie Raabe (Goodreads Giveaway)
This isn’t as good as I would’ve like it to have been, but it isn’t as bad either, but I definitely could’ve and have done better. Maybe next time I won’t try to do a Book-A-Thon during a school summer holiday 😜 we shall see. 


Book-A-Thon: Day 6 (Friday 2nd September 2016)

Friday equalled Day 6 in my week long Book-A-Thon and out of all of my days, this would have to be my least successful reading day, which is sad when you think that it’s one of the last days I have left of reading. 

I did manage to read a little bit more of The Trap by Melanie Raabe making it to just over halfways through the book. This book is good, so I don’t know why it’s talking so long to finish it, especially as it’s not that long. And it’s definitely not the lo gesture book I’ve picked to read this week. So, I definitely need to finish this book on Saturday (Day 7) the finally day, as I don’t want to leave any uncompleted books at the end of my Book-A-Thon week. 

Oh, and I ordered books 1-6 of the Harry Potter books on Thursday, which arrived yesterday, so I finally own all the Harry Potter books!!! I refuse to re-buy book 7 to match this set, because I purchased Deathly Hallows when it first came out in hardback, which cost me £27.99. So regardless if it matches or not, I can’t re-buy a different book, just for the sake of it matchingthe rest of the set. However, I did re-buy Prisnor of Azkaban for that exact reason, but my orinial copy only cost me about a pound as I bought it second hand. Plus, my boyfriends Prisnor of Azkaban is missing some pages, so now he can have my extra copy, so win win 😀

So fingers crossed and roll on Day 7 and hopefully my reading finally picks up and I get out of this little slump before it has a chance to set it and become a real reading slump!! 

Book-A-Thon: Day 5 (Thursday 1st September 2016)

Yet another day with a goal in mind dedicated to reading and trying to finish at least one of the two books I have on the go, whether it be physical or audio. So, I started the day of by doing some of my daily physio exercises, while listening to my on going audio book, Zodiac by Sam Wilson. I am really enjoying this story, even more than I thought I would, as it’s an audio book, and I’m really into the story of it, listening to it at any opportunity that I can, even when typing up my daily Book-A-Thon posts.

With it being summer holidays still, the house was busy with kids, both siblings and nieces and nephews, so quiet was lost and so was the peace to think about reading or listening any more. So, that was replaced with playing with the children and amusing them instead. After a while, we were headed out, as even my physio sessions may be ended, my mum’s and brothers were not, and she didn’t want to go alone. This wasn’t all negative, as this was a perfect excuse to take a book with me and to read while I was waiting for them, and to ensure I would read as there was nothing else to do. Also, to read while driving down, as regardless of possible migraines or headaches, I needed a distraction and couldn’t listen to my audio book as this would’ve been ruder as my mum was trying to make conversation to calm her nerves. 

In the late afternoon, I was babysitting my sisters children, so no more reading or listening could be done, yet again, so why not have some fun and enjoy the weather. So off to the park we went. We spent a couple of hours in the park, and after not not wanting to leave, the kids finally went back home. I could finally wash and get some actual reading done for the day! So I continued reading The Trap by Melanie Raabe hoping to at least make a dent in the book. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this Book-A-Thon in a summer holiday when the house is so full of kids and I’m so relied upon to watch them. And to think that on Monday, they are back in school. I managed to get way over a third of the ways through The Trap, stopping before it got too good and starting listen to what was left of the audio book, hoping to finish what little there was left of it. Success! I can happily say that I have finished my first ever audio book Zodiac, something I never thought I would ever do ☺:D 

Now I must really push myself for the last two days. Let’s see what Day 6 has in store…

Book-A-Thon: Day 4 (Wednesday 31st August 2016)

Well, what can I say about Day 4. Day 4 makes the midway of the Book-A-Thon and should show where I stand with how I plan on going with the remainder of this week long solo reading challenge, of sorts. However, on this day, I will admit that my reading did take a knock, both physical reading and listening to my current audio book, because I can’t be one of those people who says that listening to an audio book is the same as reading it sorry, it is listening to it. 

As I went to physio yesterday, and with it being my last session, we went at it hard, which meant I was really feeling the results of at the following day. Now, I know by now not to sit around and do nothing as this only makes things worse, so I grab the kids (school holidays so siblings, nieces and nephews) and took them out. I took them for a walk up the park, to get all those muscles moving, up hills, and we took a ball to actually play some games. I wasn’t sitting around and couldn’t read or listen while doing this, so both books were out of the question. The energy that kids have can go on for hours and can be quite infectious, regardless of how I was feeling, it was a great workout and nice for everyone to be outside and away from tablets, phones, xboxes and so on, myself included.  

But I needed to keep that up and keep working out my muscles, so when I got back home, I started doing some house work, but this time I did it while listening to the audio book Zodiac by Sam Wilson. I listened for about an hour but then had to give up, both the audio book and the house work. I did start reading a new book in the night, The Trap by Melanie Raabe, a book that I had won in a Goodreads Giveaway that I had entered a few weeks, maybe months ago. This book has been starring at me for a while, so I finally decided to take it down from the shelves and begin discovering the story within. I honestly haven’t gotten that far into the book when I left it last night, but I can’t wait to delve further into it today and see what happens. However, my goal for today, or at least for this week now, is to finish my first ever audio book, Zodiac!!!! 

Let’s see how Day 5 will go. . . 

Book-A-Thon: Day 3 (Tuesday 30th August 2016)

How has Day 3 of my Book-A-Thon gone I hear you asking?. Well let’s see how this day went. . . 

Day 3 started with me posting my daily Book-A-Thon update, before reading a little more of Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher, before getting ready to leave to go and have yet another growling physio session. Great news, it was my last physio session!! Although now I have to join a gym as I have to now work the muscles in my legs and back to strengthen them back and work longterm to do this. It turns out my knee cap is working harder now since the crash, or something so I need to work to correct this. So, now I have home exercise, as well as the gym to get back to normal, and to think that it wasn’t a massive crash, yet so much damage. But thankfully, it could’ve been so much worse. And to think, I didn’t wantto go out that day as I wanted to stay home and read instead of going to the beach. The moral of the story, always say no to socialising and yes to reading :mrgreen:;) I did manage to post a quick Teaser Tuesday, in between all of this, but yay to finally being discharged from physio! 

As I am a very anxious passenger now, and reading while in a car can giveme a migraine, I listened to some more of my audio book, Zodiac by Sam Wilson, while we were driving down. That was a great distraction! A great way to concentrate on the book and not on the road and other cars and even though it was a thriller murder book, it was one ofthe first times I actually arrived to my physio relaxed and my body wasn’t tensed. So this time I didn’t get shouted at for tensing up so much. I’m sorry but when I’m in pain, I tense up. Now I wish I had been listening more to audio books more while commuting and doing more physio. I finally understand the benefits of them. Especially, when I got home and had some ironing to do and my hands were busy, so I continued to listened to the audio book. 

I then had time to relax then later in the evening, even if the house was full of kids, so I took that time to read more of my actual book and kept reading late into the night until I had finished it, because I was just so gripped. I kept telling people to stopped talking to me, that I was reading, and became even more anti social by putting earphones in and started listening to music so I could concentrate more. Does that sound bad? So another book completed and just over 2 and half hours left remaining in my audio book. 

Not bad for another day. So what will Day 4 have in store for the Book-A-Thon, as I’ll be just over half way through. . . 

Book-A-Thon: Day 2 (Monday 29th August 2016)

BookathonHello fellow bloggers.

Day 2, yesterday (Monday), has been a long day for me. Or should I say that Sunday and Monday have been one hell of a continuance with no sleep and a load of stress. Let’s just say, without getting into two much detail, that there has been some family matters going on. Things have gladly worked out positively, but you really do see other peoples true faces for who they really are, and you see how vicious and poisonous they truly are.

Anyways, on a brighter note. As it is also bank holiday Monday and still Summer Holiday, today involved doing things with the children (siblings), so to distract everyone, we went out for a meal and enjoyed this glorious sunshine we were having.

I did manage to get some reading done today though, which hit more closely to home than when I had first planned on reading this book and had picked it out the night before. This book is Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher. I am only on page 93 so far, as I started reading it after I had done everything and was cwtched up in bed. But even with how compelling the story was, I was Just so tired from being up for two days straight and had to be up early the next day to go to physio, I needed sleep. I definitely hope to finish this book on Day 3 (Tuesday). I also got to listen to some more of the audio book Zodiac by Sam Wilson, now listening to a total of 7:10:41 of it, which is a massive dent in the book.

Let’s see what Day 3 has to hold. . .

Book-A-Thon: Day 1 (Sunday 28th August 2016)

BookathonHello book lovers and fellow bloggers 🙂 Let’s see how my first day of my second Book-A-Thon has gone!

Well yesterday was a dedicated book and lazy day. I spent the whole day in pyjamas, with a book and endless cups of teas, all while cwtched up on the settee. A very good day if you ask me. I had already begun reading Red Queen by Christina Henry, the second book in The Chronicles of Alice series, before the day had started, but I was only on page 28, not a very good start I know, as I had got distracted by another book I was asked to read by an author. So I had spent the day reading this book, with a goal of finishing it, as I loved the first book, which I had successful completed!! Yay!! Go Me 😀 I was a little disappointed with this book, in comparison to the first book, and what really surprised me was the fact that this book had no chapters in it, just separated  into two parts. I’ve never read a book without chapters and this just felt weird and felt like I wasn’t getting a break. Maybe this was to emulate Alice’s character in the book, but it kind of freaked me out. So strange. Anyways, that’s for my review that is to come.

My day was so dedicated to books, that even when I couldn’t read and was busy doing other things that I had to do sadly, like cook and do my phyiso home exercises and so on, I would listen to an audio book. Now this is the first time that I am listen to an audio book and never thought that I would ever do such a thing. But my mum unknowingly subscribed to audible for several months so ended up having about 6 credits, which equals 6 free audio book, that she had already paid for. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but nobody in my family reads, not even listens to a book after they’ve already been paid for. So I had 6 free audios to select, gift them to me and then cancel her account. Anyways, I’m not too sure what I think so far. The book I’m listening to is the unabridged version of Zodiac by Sam Wilson narrated by John Chancer, whose actual book isn’t even released yet. This book is different from what I expected so far. What I do like about this, is that this book is a murder, thriller book, and I was listening to it in bed last night instead of music, and it was actually creepy. It was pitch black and I had ear phones in and I was gripped. So gripped I started answering and screaming at certain characters actions and sleep was not going to happen. In the end, I needed to sleep so I had to knock it off and switch back to music.

So, at the end of day one, I have read Red Queen (Chronicles of Alice, #2) by Christina Henry and I have listened to 4:51:22 of Zodiac by Sam Wilson. Not bad for day one 😀