The Sunshine Blogger Award

👋 Well hello there.. 👋
I would first like to thank Lisa from The Not So Secret Life Of A Nerd Girl for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award :mrgreen:☺

The Rules:
●Thank the people/person who nominated you.
●Answer the questions from your nominators.
●Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

1. Which Hogwarts house are you a part of?
Ravenclaw! I just did the Harry Potter test to see what house I would be put into especially to answer this question and it put me into Ravenclaw. I know, I can’t believe I haven’t done it before now either 😮 I kept meaning to but something kept popping up or I would get distracted, but I’ve done it know, yay! Finally! And it wasn’t Slytherin. Phew! ☺;) Here is the explanation that I was given:


“Ravenclaws possess the ability to learn quickly and adapt to situations with ease. They also tend to be very wise. You’re original and creative, and you know how to use your strengths to your advantage! You have a competitive spirit, which is good for sports such as Quidditch, but don’t let it make you a sore loser!”

2. A book everyone loves that you hate?
Animal Farm by George Orwell. I read that book because of how well reviewed it was and after I read 1984 by the same author, but truthfully, I really didn’t enjoy it. Maybe I read it at a time when I couldn’t appreciate it and now I should re read it, knowing and understanding the meaning behind that book. But it genuinely didn’t interest me and I couldn’t see what everyone else saw in that book. It left me really disappointed.

3. Your most anticipated release this year?
This is an extremely easy answer. I have been waiting with excruciating anticipation for The Judas Game: A Shepherd Thriller by Ethan Cross to be released. This is another book in The Shepherd Series: Book 4, my favourite book series EVER!!!! This book isn’t going to be released on Amazon UK until October 1st 2016, so I have been waiting for this book was so long. Even if it ruins my paperback collection by buying a hardback version.


4. Most loved and hated characters?
My favourite book character who I love reading, has got to be, no surprises, Francis Ackerman Jr from The Shepherd series. I love him. I don’t care if he’s a murdering serial killer and a psychopath, I just love everything about how his character is written. There is just so much personality and depth to his character and after everything he does, I find myself routing for him and feeling sorry for him.

My most hated character has got to be Kathleen from Paper Butterflies. The things that she did and how easily it was for her to do what she did, showing no morals and no regret. How she was able to fool everyone because she was so convincing because that how little remorse she felt about what she had done and continued to do. It takes someone with a sick mind to do those things for years and years and have no emotions, no regret, no empathy and continue to do it. Her character made me sick and turned my stomach and I genuinely hated her. I am glad I had this tag now, after reading this book and not two days ago,  because my answer would have been different for stupid reasons.

5. A book pairing you hate?
This is the most difficult question and I honestly don’t have an answer. I originally didn’t like that Katniss ended up with Peeta and not Gale, as from the very beginning I always wanted Katniss and Gales to be together. But after thinking about the reasons why Katniss was with Peeta over Gale, I understood those reasons, so I no longer hated that pairing. I haven’t really got any pairing that I hate sorry, or at least any that I can remember at the moment sorry. 

6. Your pet peeve?
I hate it, like physically makes me want to scream at people when drivers don’t bother to indicate when they are suppose to!! This is coming from somebody who doesn’t even drive yet or isn’t learning to drive, but is it any wonder when there are stupid people out there who don’t even know how to just use a stupid little indicator. It’s not like it’s that hard. Plus you’re turning the wheel that way anyway, so just flick the indicator!! It’s so simple.

7. A bad habit you have?
I have quite a few bad habits, so it’s hard for me to pick which one I would consider the worse one, but I think I am going to have to go with how easily distracted I can sometimes get! I can be in the middle of doing one thing, then start doing something else, then do something else and then completely forget about the first thing I was doing in the beginning. I have so many unfinished books in my currently reading list that have been on there for so long, because I get distracted when a new book comes out. I also get distracted with blog posts! I have soooo many blog posts currently in editing and waiting to be posted, only half typed up because new ideas pop up in my mind, or I’m thinking of an answer to a question.

8. Your favourite season?
This is a very easy question. I am in love with the show Supernatural since its very first episode. I actually remember sitting in my house and watching that first episode, in the dark, with it raining outside and instantly loving everything about it. Now it’s currently on its 11th series, renewed for its 12th and is one of the only shows that I can’t wait to but all the box sets as soon as they are released, currently owning 10 seasons on dvd. I even ordered an Australian Import version of season 10 off Amazon to get it sooner as it was going to be released later in the UK.


9. A simple thing that makes you smile (like being inside on a cold, wet day)?
I love the sound of the rain pouring on top of the tent while you’re camping and you’re safely snuggled inside. I also love the same thing with a caravan. The noise that it makes is soothing, plus it’s nice when your cwtched up and dry and watching the rain around you. It’s all so cosy, calm and weirdly peaceful.

10. Favourite thing to blog about? ie. tags, reviews, hauls…
My favourite thing to blog about is reviews. That’s what I started my blog to write about, hint the name ShayneysReviews. I love discovering everything else there is with book blogging that I never knew about before I started my very own blog, such as, the discussions, the book tags, book hauls and so on. It’s so my fun! But my favourite will have to be blogging about the book reviews as it’s my own little place to express and share how I feel about each of the books I read.

11. Your favourite super hero and villain?
Damn, does it only have to be one? My favourite super hero is Iron Man! I love Avengers, like crazy, stupidly. I have Avengers Bin, Towel, T-Shirts (some may be mens, before they started making women’s tops), multiple pyjamas, Every single movie, Including Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D (supernatural is better ;P) and the list can go on. But by far Iron Man is definitely my favourite super hero. This was made concrete for personal and emotional reasons, when I went to the hospital to visit my gran who had cancer at the time, and we sat watching Iron Man, which was shortly before she passed away. So Iron Man brings back memories for me.

My favourite villain of all time, without any shadow of a doubt, has got to be Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight 2008. The Joker was just pure evil. He didn’t have any agenda or hidden revenge from childhood, nor did he want money, as he burnt his half of the money in the movie if you remember. He did what he did because he liked it! He has an amazing intellect, like beyond incredible, which also enables him to get inside people’s minds/mindset. Plus he wanted to prove that the world was evil, so he took the nicest man with so many morals and proved that he could make him a killer. Which he succeeded in doing. Plus come on, Heath Ledgers acting as the Joker was incredible!! He made that film the success it is and it was him as the Joker that has made me fall in love with that movie.


Now for my turn for questions:
1. What is your favourite book that you own? And why?
2. Have you ever seen a movie that you liked better than the book?
3. Which book character would you like to switch places with?
4. Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to reading?
5. What book has been on your “currently reading” shelf the longest? (Swapped for another book and forgotten about, that you keep meaning to get back to)
6. Has there ever been a book that you’ve been reading that you’ve had an instant connection with? Whether it’s the storyline, or the characters etc… (You don’t have to name the book if it’s too personal)
7. If you could take one book and completly re-read it again for the first time with fresh eyes, which book would you chose?
8. What is the first book you remember buying for yourself?
9. What was the inspiration being you starting your blog?
10. If you could go back to day one of you setting up your blog, would you do anything different?
11. What do you do in your spare time?

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I’m sorry if I’ve nominated anyone who has already been nominated and have already done this. I hope that I have created some good questions and hope that you have fun and enjoy answering them. After you answer these questions, please post the link to your Sunshine Blogger Award post down in the comments below so I can have a sneak peak at the answers 😜;)