Final Day of my Book-A-Thon!

My week long Book-A-Thon has had its ups and downs, but my last day ended on high, well a success,  with me finally able to finish reading The Trap by Melanie Raabe. This meant I didn’t have to end my Book-A-Thon midway through a book, which is an added bonus ☺ 

So, how was my week long Book-A-Thon? As I said, there were some upsnand some downs, that may have included the start of a little slump, which thankfully I hope I’ve averted. I have managed to read three books in total and listen to one audio book, which makes four total books completed during this week :mrgreen:;) I am so pleased to say that I was able to listen and complete my first ever audio book this week, which is something I never thought I’d do, and have a new perspective and dare I say love, for audio books. I was able to read another book I received thanks to a Goodreads Giveaway Win and cross some more books off of my TBR list, as well as keeping on track with my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year, which I was so afraid I was going to fall behind on. Another highlight of this week, for me anyways, is that I have purchased and now own the complete Harry Potter book box set!! A long time goal of mine crossed off my list ☺ and I’m not ashamed if that’s a sad goal to have a life. I’m a book Nerd and proud of it. Now all I want is the Roald Dahl collection and I’m in heaven 👼

I will be posting reviews of all of the books I’ve read as soon as possible. The sooner the better, while the books and all of my thoughts are all fresh in my mind and don’t get jumbled within each others world’s. So here are the books I’ve read and listened to during my week long Book-A-Thon:
Red Queen (The Chronicles of Alice, #2) – Christina Henry
Th1rteen R3asons Why – Jay Asher
Zodiac – Sam Wilson (Audio Book)
The Trap – Melanie Raabe (Goodreads Giveaway)
This isn’t as good as I would’ve like it to have been, but it isn’t as bad either, but I definitely could’ve and have done better. Maybe next time I won’t try to do a Book-A-Thon during a school summer holiday 😜 we shall see. 


2 thoughts on “Final Day of my Book-A-Thon!

    • ShayneysReviews says:

      I have only listened to one so far but it has definitely changed my mind on how I thought they were going to be. I have recently started going to the gym, to help after physio, but I’m thinking an audio book may definitely help keep me on the treadmill, the rower and basically staying in the gym a little longer lol 😛

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