Book-A-Thon: Day 6 (Friday 2nd September 2016)

Friday equalled Day 6 in my week long Book-A-Thon and out of all of my days, this would have to be my least successful reading day, which is sad when you think that it’s one of the last days I have left of reading. 

I did manage to read a little bit more of The Trap by Melanie Raabe making it to just over halfways through the book. This book is good, so I don’t know why it’s talking so long to finish it, especially as it’s not that long. And it’s definitely not the lo gesture book I’ve picked to read this week. So, I definitely need to finish this book on Saturday (Day 7) the finally day, as I don’t want to leave any uncompleted books at the end of my Book-A-Thon week. 

Oh, and I ordered books 1-6 of the Harry Potter books on Thursday, which arrived yesterday, so I finally own all the Harry Potter books!!! I refuse to re-buy book 7 to match this set, because I purchased Deathly Hallows when it first came out in hardback, which cost me £27.99. So regardless if it matches or not, I can’t re-buy a different book, just for the sake of it matchingthe rest of the set. However, I did re-buy Prisnor of Azkaban for that exact reason, but my orinial copy only cost me about a pound as I bought it second hand. Plus, my boyfriends Prisnor of Azkaban is missing some pages, so now he can have my extra copy, so win win 😀

So fingers crossed and roll on Day 7 and hopefully my reading finally picks up and I get out of this little slump before it has a chance to set it and become a real reading slump!! 


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