Book-A-Thon: Day 5 (Thursday 1st September 2016)

Yet another day with a goal in mind dedicated to reading and trying to finish at least one of the two books I have on the go, whether it be physical or audio. So, I started the day of by doing some of my daily physio exercises, while listening to my on going audio book, Zodiac by Sam Wilson. I am really enjoying this story, even more than I thought I would, as it’s an audio book, and I’m really into the story of it, listening to it at any opportunity that I can, even when typing up my daily Book-A-Thon posts.

With it being summer holidays still, the house was busy with kids, both siblings and nieces and nephews, so quiet was lost and so was the peace to think about reading or listening any more. So, that was replaced with playing with the children and amusing them instead. After a while, we were headed out, as even my physio sessions may be ended, my mum’s and brothers were not, and she didn’t want to go alone. This wasn’t all negative, as this was a perfect excuse to take a book with me and to read while I was waiting for them, and to ensure I would read as there was nothing else to do. Also, to read while driving down, as regardless of possible migraines or headaches, I needed a distraction and couldn’t listen to my audio book as this would’ve been ruder as my mum was trying to make conversation to calm her nerves. 

In the late afternoon, I was babysitting my sisters children, so no more reading or listening could be done, yet again, so why not have some fun and enjoy the weather. So off to the park we went. We spent a couple of hours in the park, and after not not wanting to leave, the kids finally went back home. I could finally wash and get some actual reading done for the day! So I continued reading The Trap by Melanie Raabe hoping to at least make a dent in the book. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this Book-A-Thon in a summer holiday when the house is so full of kids and I’m so relied upon to watch them. And to think that on Monday, they are back in school. I managed to get way over a third of the ways through The Trap, stopping before it got too good and starting listen to what was left of the audio book, hoping to finish what little there was left of it. Success! I can happily say that I have finished my first ever audio book Zodiac, something I never thought I would ever do ☺:D 

Now I must really push myself for the last two days. Let’s see what Day 6 has in store…


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