Book-A-Thon: Day 3 (Tuesday 30th August 2016)

How has Day 3 of my Book-A-Thon gone I hear you asking?. Well let’s see how this day went. . . 

Day 3 started with me posting my daily Book-A-Thon update, before reading a little more of Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher, before getting ready to leave to go and have yet another growling physio session. Great news, it was my last physio session!! Although now I have to join a gym as I have to now work the muscles in my legs and back to strengthen them back and work longterm to do this. It turns out my knee cap is working harder now since the crash, or something so I need to work to correct this. So, now I have home exercise, as well as the gym to get back to normal, and to think that it wasn’t a massive crash, yet so much damage. But thankfully, it could’ve been so much worse. And to think, I didn’t wantto go out that day as I wanted to stay home and read instead of going to the beach. The moral of the story, always say no to socialising and yes to reading :mrgreen:;) I did manage to post a quick Teaser Tuesday, in between all of this, but yay to finally being discharged from physio! 

As I am a very anxious passenger now, and reading while in a car can giveme a migraine, I listened to some more of my audio book, Zodiac by Sam Wilson, while we were driving down. That was a great distraction! A great way to concentrate on the book and not on the road and other cars and even though it was a thriller murder book, it was one ofthe first times I actually arrived to my physio relaxed and my body wasn’t tensed. So this time I didn’t get shouted at for tensing up so much. I’m sorry but when I’m in pain, I tense up. Now I wish I had been listening more to audio books more while commuting and doing more physio. I finally understand the benefits of them. Especially, when I got home and had some ironing to do and my hands were busy, so I continued to listened to the audio book. 

I then had time to relax then later in the evening, even if the house was full of kids, so I took that time to read more of my actual book and kept reading late into the night until I had finished it, because I was just so gripped. I kept telling people to stopped talking to me, that I was reading, and became even more anti social by putting earphones in and started listening to music so I could concentrate more. Does that sound bad? So another book completed and just over 2 and half hours left remaining in my audio book. 

Not bad for another day. So what will Day 4 have in store for the Book-A-Thon, as I’ll be just over half way through. . . 


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