Book-A-Thon: Day 2 (Monday 29th August 2016)

BookathonHello fellow bloggers.

Day 2, yesterday (Monday), has been a long day for me. Or should I say that Sunday and Monday have been one hell of a continuance with no sleep and a load of stress. Let’s just say, without getting into two much detail, that there has been some family matters going on. Things have gladly worked out positively, but you really do see other peoples true faces for who they really are, and you see how vicious and poisonous they truly are.

Anyways, on a brighter note. As it is also bank holiday Monday and still Summer Holiday, today involved doing things with the children (siblings), so to distract everyone, we went out for a meal and enjoyed this glorious sunshine we were having.

I did manage to get some reading done today though, which hit more closely to home than when I had first planned on reading this book and had picked it out the night before. This book is Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher. I am only on page 93 so far, as I started reading it after I had done everything and was cwtched up in bed. But even with how compelling the story was, I was Just so tired from being up for two days straight and had to be up early the next day to go to physio, I needed sleep. I definitely hope to finish this book on Day 3 (Tuesday). I also got to listen to some more of the audio book Zodiac by Sam Wilson, now listening to a total of 7:10:41 of it, which is a massive dent in the book.

Let’s see what Day 3 has to hold. . .


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