Another Book-A-Thon!


I really enjoyed my last Book-A-Thon, even if I did experience some down falls because of it *migraine :'(* so I am thinking about doing another one. I haven’t really read that much lately and I am afraid that I am going to fall behind my reading goal, plus I haven’t posted consistently lately either and I thought this would be a great way to work on both of those problems. So, I am relevantly free next week, and the boyfriend is away on holiday with his family, so this could be a way to help me not to miss him as much also.

Now, I have missed the Bout of Books Readathon, which ends tomorrow I think, so that is bad timing for me. I was thinking of just doing that one but just doing it a week later, but it not very good with challenges. Plus I was hoping to start it tomorrow (Sunday) and I didn’t really want to buy any new books to do it, so if any one the challenges included things I haven’t already got, then I am pretty much buggered. But we’ll see, and maybe I could interpret it differently, I don’t know. Or maybe ill do what I did before and just do a good old fashioned, read as many books as I can!

I am hoping to do it for seven days, starting Sunday 28th August. My daily posts will be a day behind, that way I can give a full recap of the previous day, with reviews posted at the end of the Book-A-Thon, to ensure maximum reading.

Wish me luck! :mrgreen:☺;)


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