Review: 30 Days – J.L. Leslie

30 Days Cover*****
I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book.

“I had a plan when I was nineteen. I would strip only until the bills were paid and I knew my sister and I wouldn’t be thrown out on the street. We would be financially stable. That was my plan. That was also three years ago. I’m still stripping.
I keep telling myself my life will change. I won’t do this much longer. I won’t need to. I don’t even believe that anymore. I still have bills. I still have a deadbeat mom. No idea where my father is. Or who he is.
Now my sister tells me she screwed up. Her future is at stake. One we’ve both worked hard for. There’s an offer for me. One I’ve refused twice now, but my resolve is slowly slipping. It’s just a job. He just wants to buy me for a little while.
He can buy me. But he’ll never own me.”

Have you ever heard of the movie Pretty Women? Well imagine Pretty Women, but with a hell of a lot of sex!!! Well, at least at first that is what was brought to mind for me and it was a little distracting, but then even the book, or the author herself even took a slight nod to this by mentioning the film. The similarities at the beginning, or at least the first half or the book, made me wonder if that movie was the authors inspiration for the book. The similarities in the initial job roles with the main characters, the female lead character who works in a role that is very revealing, (prostitute/stripper) and the male lead who works in a more higher classed job (lawyer) and has money. That he buys her for a certain amount of time, for whatever reason that is, and so on. . . I was just constantly being reminded of the film. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because I love that film, but I didn’t think that I could separate the two. But thank God I was wrong.

This book then turned into itself and became its own book, with its own storyline, its own characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So this was so easy to forgive, even if I couldn’t forget it at times, by how great and how much I enjoyed the story. The story was different to what I was expecting it to be like, has I expected the whole book to be about those 30 Days, but it was about so much more. This story really began and opened up after those 30 Days and what happened to each of them after experiencing what happened and now trying to figure out, what is going to happen now. After all, can you really spend this amount of time, doing what your doing and not develop anything? Any feelings. A want for more. A need for more. Or self loathing for allowing this to happen to you. Either way there are going to be some feelings that need to be expressed.

The characters in this book were very believable, which is what make this book so great to read. You have the two main characters, Cameron and Memphis, and the story is told through both of their perspectives. We have Cameron Morgan, who is the son to the Morgan empire and works for one of the best law firms in the US, and goes to the Ecstasy one night on a stag do and happens to see Memphis there working. He immediately becomes infatuated and that is where the story begins. Memphis has been working as a stripper for three years to help support both herself and her younger sister, who is currently studying in NYU. Let’s just say that Memphis’ mum has never been a mum, so she has had to ensure that there was an income coming in to support and protect herself and especially her younger sister Anniston. When Memphis get’s an offer one night from Cameron, she doesn’t even think about it, it’s an immediate no, but when her sister calls to tell her that the University has called her scholarship due to poor grades and she will have to leave, then Memphis, like always, realises she will do anything to protect and support her sister.

This is just the first book in the Morgan Family series, so even though the next books aren’t going to be centred on these characters, if J.L. Leslies, follows on like she has with her other books and her other series especially, this won’t be the last you’ll see of these characters. They will make little cameo appearances’ in the other books, after all, it is the Morgan Family series.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book. I did initially think that I would be giving this book a lower rating, because of the whole Pretty Woman thing, but then I carried on reading it and it was just so good. Giving it anything less than five stars would be bad on me. And like I said before, I love Pretty Woman, so Pretty Woman with sex is even better 😉

Have you read any of J.L. Leslies books? Have you read anything that just completely reminded you of something else? What are your thoughts? Comment below 🙂



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