My Goodreads Giveaway Win!

2016-07-08_18-55-05YAY!! I have won this very creepy looking Goodreads Giveaway Win, that has also been personally signed for me. Now I definitely feel lucky. This book is Greeth by Charles LaFave, the authors debut novel. This is a dark fantasy novel, if you hadn’t guessed from the cover. It was the cover that attracted me to this book and to enter the Goodreads Giveaway. Just look at it! Look at how creepy it is. How could I not look further into this book with a cover like this? Maybe I’m just weird. But I entered and I won and it has finally arrived!! And the best part is, it looks even creepier in real life. It literally creeped out my mum as she thought is has an insect crawling on top of my book when I left it placed on the coffee table. True story. Now that we’ve discussed the cover, let’s uncover what this book is actually about and look at the books blurb:

“Peter Buraku was a wizard until he was tried, convicted, and sentenced for a terrible crime. He could never cast another spell and for eight long years, he begged for the worst jobs, lived in the slums, and worked for humans.

Then a wealthy stranger came into his life with an impossible promise. You can be a wizard again. Too late, Peter discovers an ancient god from another dimension is using human agents to open a portal so it can move into this world, and wizardry soldier Julie Alvarez, the lost love he hasn’t seen in years, is in danger.

Three children are dead. Many more are missing. Something dark and terrible is rising. A breach has opened between worlds and an ancient god will be reborn on fertile Earth. The flesh of humanity will feed its many children.

Peter embarks on a quest for redemption to stop the ancient god from destroying the world. Will his unique ability to create life be enough to change what he’s done? Or will guilt from his role in helping to destroy so much life be his undoing?”


Sound like your type of book? To make this book that little bit more special, to me anyways sorry, this book came to me personally signed with my name and a little message!!! :O How amazing is that? It quite simply says “Dear Shayney, Thanks for entering my giveaway! and happy reading,” and then it’s signed (at least that’s what I think it says :P). Wow!!!! Now I really hope it’s good and look forward to reading this book to discover this world within it.


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