My New Book Shelves!


I have had books scattered everywhere lately, and I mean everywhere! Taking up the whole middle section of the living room table, covering and stacking both bedsides tables, and in the section underneath, rows stacking up next to my original two book shelves and on top of the book shelves. So has you can tell, I definitely needed more book shelves!! This time, I took the time and actually looked at the sizes and everything else that was important with the decision when it came to making my choice in what book shelves to buy. My previous shelves were short and narrow, with about three shelves each, so my shelves were limited and I could only fit about one row of books on each shelf, and not many at that.

This time around, my shelves are taller, longer and are extremely deeper! I can actually fit two rows of books on the same shelf, if I wanted to, but that always make me feel kind of cringey as I then don’t get to see the books that are behind them, but there are ways around that. These shelves are so tall and I have so much space left in between, that I could actually purchase additional shelves and create additional shelves, which may be a waste as I’ve already got an empty shelf, which I’ve put DVD’s on it for now, which is killing me. But at least now I have the perfect excuse to buy new books 😀 like I needed an excuse. I love having these new book shelves and I especially love having all my books officially in one place now.


5 thoughts on “My New Book Shelves!

    • ShayneysReviews says:

      Of course, you must read them first!! I’ve actually had to do the same, so I donated a load of my books to a local charity store that I used to volunteer at, and still get a load of books from. I still close with the manager who works there and she knows my book preferences and she’s constantly inboxing me when books comes in that she knows that I will like. One of the best parts about volunteering at the charity store, apart from the experience and helping of course, was spotting all the books that came in first and calling dibs and when I didn’t want to buy the books, I could literally borrows books like a library and bring them back. Awesome!!

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