Review: The Dare – John Boyne


I haven’t read a John Boyne book in a while, which is shocking to me because the books I have read by him, I have really enjoyed, especially The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. That book just filled me with so many emotions and was the first book to officially have me in tears. OMG the emotion! 

Just like some of John Boyne’s previous books, this story also has his unique style and is told from the point of view of the twelve year old boy named Danny. Danny is on his summer holiday from school, and he wants a normal summer holiday, but that’s not what he is about to get. His mum is brought home one day, escorted by the two police officers after she has hit a boy with her car, an event which as not only changed her, but has had a knock on affect with the whole family. We get to see this story told through Danny’s eyes, and how deep this accident truly affect everyone, and we get to see how there could be more to the story. How not hiding something and not telling somebody something could really have a knock on reaction to other people’s lives. 

I’ve really missed John Boyne’s writing, his style of writing and how he chooses to use the narrative of a child to tell the story, through their perspective and point of view. This book is a short story and I love how you have to learn what is happening as you are reading and feel like you are a part of the story. Even though this is a short story at only 103 pages, there is so much within this story to keep you gripped and it is all done so brilliantly. I would have honestly have loved for this to have been longer and for it to have not to have felt slightly rushed, but maybe that’s my problem with the whole short book thing. But I picked a short book for my Book-A-Thon so I could read more books and now I really want to dive back into another John Boyne book, an in depth book this time.

You get to know each of the characters through the eyes of Danny, his thoughts and how he feels. You get to know his family and how this crash and accident as effected and possibly changed his family members, including himself. You get introduced to new characters, such as the family of the boy that his mum had hit with the car, especially the sister. So you feel like you are Danny, and learn and are exploring everything as him. 

I did enjoy this little book and the storyline was easy to read and gripping in parts, as there was mystery created, that made you want to keep reading. I do recommend this book and it’s definitely 100% a quick read. This isn’t my favourite John Boyne book, but God now I need to read more from Mr John Boyne. 


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