Book-A-Thon Day 6

Well hello there ☺👋

I’m sad to say that Day 6 (Saturday) of my Book-A-Thon wasn’t a very successful day. I had a birthday party to attend in the evening, and with how my head was feeling, I spent the majority of Saturday in bed, in the dark, trying to ease the growing pain building in my head.

After resting for most of the day, I did manage to read a couple more chapters of Lilith’s Garden of Fury by N.L. Johnson before admitting defeat for the day. But I’m definitely hoping to finish this book before the end of my first week long Book-A-Thon. 

In other book related news that happened yesterday, I discovered that out of the 11 copies of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott that I own (seriously, I have a problem when it comes to this book), that I do own a complete and unabridged version, with part 2 apart of it, otherwise known as Good Wives. So this means I don’t have to buy it, and can actually read it pretty soon, so very lucky, and my weird obsession of this book has come in handy. I have also order the second book in The Chronicles of Alice series called Red Queen by Christina Henry because I really enjoyed the first book and had to order it while it was all fresh in my mind. Plus amazon had 30% off this book from the previous day, so yay! 

One more day left and I’m hopefully going to hit it strong and aim for the best!! I hope to finish Lilith’s Garden of Fury, if nothing else, as I really do enjoy the Unforeseen Beings Novella Series and have been sent them all by the author N.L. Johnson over time and am just thoroughly enjoying them. So wish me luck and lets see how much finial day goes ☺;)


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