Book-A-Thon Day 5

Hello there ☺👋 My week long Book-A-Thon is nearing it’s end as I have now past Day 5 and am feeling the strains and negative aspects that come with a week dedicated to reading and set aside for a Book-A-Thon. So let me tell you how my Day 5 went. . . 

If you read yesterdays post (day 4) you will have read about my struggles beginning. The migraines, the blurred vision and how I had to stop reading mid way through the day and lay down and try and sleep all day. Day 5 (Friday) began no better, with a migraine so bad it had me running to the toilet to throw up, which is where I stayed for about an hour. Taking some medication and taking it easy, it slowly eased, from the mega attack to a tolerable one. I took the risk, because I’m a rebel and because I really wanted to carry on reading Alice by Christina Henry because I was really enjoying it the day before, taking it slowly, a page at a time and breaks in between. I did manage to finish this book and wow! What a book! I loved it and it had me gripped, even through the pain. I’m definitely ordering the second book in The Chronicles of Alice series Red Queen

I did try to start reading the third book in the Unforeseen Beings series by N.L. Johnson called Lilith’s Garden of Fury. I realised that after reading the first chapter, that this was pushing my luck and I was not going to get rid of or ease this monster growing and stomping in my head, so I had to admit defeat yet again, especially as this book is an eBook version sent to me by the author. So screens and lights was a big no no! Hopefully I will be able to read this book during Day 6 (Saturday) for two reasons. No.1 I love this series and No.2 This eBook copy isn’t that long, as it’s a novella series. 

I’m definitely going to push myself as much as possible to complete this Book-A-Thon to the best that I can and am able to, and hopefully as I’d originally set out to. So fingers crossed and wish me luck ☺👍


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