Book-A-Thon Day 4

Day 4 of my week long Book-A-Thon and over half’s ways through, so let’s see how Thursday went. 

I realised today why I don’t do Book-A-Thons  and why I always love the thought and sound of them, but why in reality they sucks for me. But I will go into that, a little further on. 

I did read more of Alice by Christina Henry, but sadly, I only read up to Chapter 9 (page 150) and I had to stop reading. After all of the reading so far this week, I had a horrible migraine, which had started previously and even though I had taken my migraine medication, I carried in reading anyway. So it had developed into a worse migraine, which made it impossible for me to read. The pain was excruciating, plus my vision was blurry and spent the rest of the day cwtched up and taking it easy. Hoping that I can resume reading and my Book-A-Thon the next day (Friday) being in less pain, or hopefully no pain. This is a constant struggle with me as I suffer with chronic migraines all the times and have to take daily preventative tablets in the hope of not having a migraine attack that day. 

So fingers crossed that I get to finish reading Alice by Christina Henry during Day 5 of my Book-A-Thon, because I was really enjoying that book. Like seriously and thoroughly loving reading that book! Plus for the pain to go away will be really awesome too ☺ Wish me luck 


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