Review: Watching Edie – Camilla Way


I received this book thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the book. 

Goodreads desciption of this book goes as so;



Edie is the friend that Heather has always craved. But one night, it goes terrifyingly wrong. And what started as an innocent friendship ends in two lives being destroyed.


Sixteen years later, Edie is still rebuilding her life. But Heather isn’t ready to let her forget so easily. It’s no coincidence that she shows up when Edie needs her most.


Edie or Heather?

Heather or Edie?

Someone has to pay for what happened, but who will it be?

Have you ever fallen for somebody who was completely wrong, or have you known somebody who has? So wrong in fact that, that person has ended up changing who they were for the worse. Changing how they acted, how they dressed and changed everything else to try and fit that persons ideal, or to simple fit better into that persons lifestyle, whether that other persons lifestyle was the good kind or the bad kind of lifestyle. Well if so, you may understand this book, and if not, then open your eyes and prepare for an interesting and thrilling read. 

This is the story that is told from two characters perspectives, Heathers and Edies, which is also told in two different time lines, Before and After. The before sections are told from Heathers point of view and the After sections are expressed through Edies point of views. The fact that we get to hear both of these characters point of views, thoughts, feelings and everything, kind of takes some of the “psychological thrillerness” out of the story, for me. We get to know both of the character individually and personally, even if it is at different sections in their lives, there’s still that part of connection with each character there. Instead, I get a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding between these two characters and instead of creepiness, I end up feeling pity and sorrow. There still is some thrilling parts in this story, as the characters are organised well, but not enough for this book to be marketed as one of the best chilling psychological thrillers, and it left me disappointed, which is why I think its reflected in my rating.

As the story is told in sections as Before and After, as readers, we are instantly being made aware of the fact that something as happened in the lives or between Heather and Edie, without even having to read read anything, which is kind of a spoiler to me, as well as building up to something. As we keep reading further into the story, this “something” keeps building up, making us wonder and, if your anything like me, try and guess what this thing between them could be that has happened between them. The ultimate ending and big reveal wasn’t as unexpected, as I was again left disappointed. 

The biggest shock I received and biggest surprise and best part about this book that I loved, involved some of the other characters and the twist that came near the end before the other big reveal. I don’t want to give anything away, but if you read this book, hopefully you’ll know what I mean. This left me screaming oh my god I wasn’t expecting that! In fact, I had something else in mind entirely and was going down a different path entirely. I love it when this happens. This part made this book for me! Plus, overall, the ending did seem a little bit rushed.

There was some growth in the characters from Before and After and the ending showed that. I did find myself screaming at the book, at the characters, screaming “What are you doing? He’s no good!” But maybe that’s a little personal because I know somebody who has recently been in a bad relationship and recently gotten out of it. Therefore, I hated reading about it as it felt really close to home and personal, which is good as it makes it realistic in a way. We then saw how this affected the characters in their futures in the After sections, and how they progressed afterwards. We get to see and watch the characters develop and grow from Before at being young adults at 16 and being in school and then After and the events that follow. 

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars and let you judge for yourselves whether or not you would like you read it. I will say that, for my liking, it wasn’t as big of a psychological thriller as it claims to be, but that could just be me, so maybe judge for yourselves. 

Have you read this book? If so, what do you think? Agree or disagree? Comment below ☺ 


2 thoughts on “Review: Watching Edie – Camilla Way

  1. Diana says:

    Great review!This sounds pretty interesting.I like the idea of the two timelines,of course secrets and big twists also make a great read.I can’t wait to read this book now.Its a shame about the oversell though,it can be dissapointing when publishers do that and then the book fails to deliver.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ShayneysReviews says:

      Thank you 🙂
      I loved the two timelines and how they were told from different characters perspectives, but it was this point, the two different perspectives that lost some of that overall thrilling element. Maybe this was because you got to know what was happening in each of the characters minds and it felt more like miss-communication between the characters, rather than creepy psychological thrillerness. But on saying this, I did enjoy some of the other aspects expressed in the review.
      I hope you enjoy the book 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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