Book-A-Thon Day 1

Well hello there 👋 Let’s see how how my first day of my first ever Book-A-Thon went!

Yesterday I finished reading my Netgalley eBook Watching Edie by Camilla Way, a psychological thriller. I will be writing up a review of this book before my Book-A-Thon is over as it is a Netgalley book and it’s archive date is almost up, so expect a review to be posted either today or tomorrow. I will admit that I didn’t start this book yesterday, as it was already part started, so it wasn’t a full completed read, sad to say. 

I am also on track of completing my weekly goal of completing Little Women by Louisa May Alcott as I did make a dent in the already part read book. I went from Chapter 9, which is page 119, to now being on Chapter 17, which is page 258. So, now I am 74% of the way through this book, with the hopes of finishing it today. 

I also had some unexpected visitors from the BF family while he was at work, which left me entertaining for a few hours, plus cooking for when he came home from work. Plus, when he came home, my reading was dramatic reduced as we talked and watched some TV and yes, we killed some aliens on Xbox!! I’m so going beat him one day!!! So the majority of my reading is done while he’s at work. 

Let’s see how today, day 2, goes ☺. . . 


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