Well hello there all ☺ How’s your weekend going? Good I hope.
I have a free week next week and am staying at my boyfriends house, so I and going to have and peaceful week. No screaming kids (younger brothers and sisters) running around the house, and the boyfriend is going to be in work for majority of the day, so I am literally going to have and mm empty house for majority of the day. So I was thinking that it’s such a perfect opportunity for me to have my very own Book-A-Thon! Now, I’ve never had or set out to have a book-a-thon, so I’m not 100% sure how its meant to go, except that you end up reading a lot of books, which is my whole intention. 

I will try to keep an update log on how the Book-A-Thon is going everyday, which books I’ve read and how far I’ve read and so on, especially if I haven’t managed to complete a book. I don’t know if I’ll post reviews when I’ve finished the book, or wait until the end of the Book-A-Thon, so I don’t lose the momentum, but make notes on what I will write in my review so I also don’t forget. We shall see, as this is my first time doing this, so only time will tell. 

I will take a good selection and chunk of books up with me so I have a good choice, and if I get stuck or change my mind, I can always change my mind. I’m also taking different size books up there, novellas, novels and so on. I’m also going to take books that I’m already reading or half read up with me, especially those that I’ve left half finished for a while so I can finally finish reading them. I may even reread some books. One book I want to read next week is Little Women. If you look on my good read list you will see that it’s on my currently reading list, and has been for a while. I’ve been reading it for a couple of months and have left it half finished since then, as I keep getting distracted by other books. So that book is my goal for this week. To finally finish reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

As this is my first Book-A-Thon and I’m a couple amateur, is there anything that I’m missing or forgetting? Wish me luck ☺


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