First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday – 5th July 2016

This is a weekly book meme posted and held by @Bibliophile by the Sea. Every Tuesday, they host a First Chapter First Paragraph Intros of different books, and then ask their followers and readers, whether of not they should continue to read that book, based on just the beginning of that book. Or at least that is what I’ve gathered. So I am going to try this meme, and see how it goes, but sorry, I will already be reading this book as I have been so excited for this book.

For my first book for this meme, I have chosen to select, Blood Rights, the second book in the Freedom/Hate series, written by Kyle Andrews. I feel in love with the first series after being sent the first book from the author in exchange for an honest review, I have now been sent an ARC of the second book of the series and I am so excited!!I have done a review on the first book Freedom/Hate and if you would like to check it out, please Click Here 😀

blood rights

Blood Rights (Freedom/Hate Series: Book 2) – Kyle Andrews

” “Speak,” said the voice over the speaker. It was a cool, calm voice. The voice of someone who had nothing to fear.
Collin had never actually seen the man to whom he was talking. He hadn’t seen many people at all since being locked up in HAND facility. How long he had been there was a mystery. There were no windows. There was no night or day. There were no weekends. There were simply rounds of interrogations.
“Speak,” the voice said again, urging Collin to give up his friends and allies in Freedom. But what was his incentive? What did he have to lose anymore?”

Interested??? I know I am!. I just want to keep reading. But now to add to the excitement and for you to decide whether of not you are going to want to read more yourself. But be warned, as this is a sequel, the following description may contain spoilers!! You have been warned….

Goodreads Description.

“It’s in our blood.”
The last words spoken by Uly Jacobs, seconds before his death was televised across the nation.

Since that day, the authorities have been hunting Libby Jacobs. She doesn’t know why they want her, or why they killed her cousin. Desperation has forced her into hiding with a group of people that she once thought of as terrorists. Living among them, she soon comes to realize that everything she once believed in was a lie.

Justin Becker was Uly’s best friend. He grew up with Libby. Once upon a time, he even loved her. Now, Justin has taken on the task of picking up the pieces of Libby’s shattered life. The first step will be finding Libby’s mother. She is critically ill, alone and lost in the broken system. Finding her will be difficult. Saving her may be impossible.

The city is changing. Collin Powers was nobody until the authorities turned him into a symbol. Now his ideas have taken root. His words are forcing people to question their beliefs. His sacrifice will push Freedom out of the shadows and give them the courage to start living up to their name.


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