Review: The Booze Stole My Son – Aui V

The Booze Stole My Son - Aui V***

I received a free eBook version of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book, after being approached by the author.

This is more than just a story to the author who wrote this book. This book is a true account of the death of her eldest son, 21 year old JC, where alcoholism played a massive part in that event. JC had been driving while under the influence of alcohol and had been in an accident, where he was taken to hospital, but had sadly later passed away. This is her account and warning to hopefully try and help and prevent people from suffering the same tragedy that her and her family have been through; suffering the loss of a loved one. Therefore, helping to create and generate a much better awareness about the mental illness of alcoholism, that is why she started and wrote this book.

Where she is from, in the Philippines,  alcoholism isn’t a disease or illness that is heard of or known very well, or greatly admitted to. It occurs, it defiantly occurs and has taken other peoples lives, such as her fathers and there are people who do have this illness, but they do not know or do not call it alcoholism. In fact Aui’s own husband Boy, was, and therefore still is an alcoholic and suggested that she did one of her studies on this topic when studying nursing and it was so unknown that she had no one to select for a case study and had to choose a new topic. You can see that a lot of research has also gone into this book, with examples and information provided about alcoholism and deaths that occur because of this illness. Therefore, at times, it does begin to read like you are reading a long report from the World Health Organisation with statistics and so on, which can distract from the story of the event of their lives. So can see that Aui is so passionate about making sure that she gets the right message out there with all of the accurate information, you know and understand why all of this information is included.

The best parts about this book, and the most emotional and heart felt parts are the letters that she has in between each of the chapters and especially at the end, are the letters that Aui have written to her son. I felt like I was intruding while I was reading them because of how personal they were. I know that the rest of the book was meant for the rest of us, but, those letters seemed as though they were between just Aui and JC. They were personal and felt like it was her was of grieving, by writing out how she was feeling and allowing that emotion to escape. But these were my favourite parts to read, because of the emotions expressed and how personal they were.

Reading this book, doesn’t seem like English is the authors first language, as it does come across a little bit disjointed at parts, as it doesn’t have that nice flow while reading it. The majority of the story is written in one language, English, all except for when people are speaking, which is written in another language. It does get translated back into English in brackets after each person speaks, but it does make me wonder why everything else is written in English, except for these.

This book is defiantly written for the best reasons and with the best intentions behind it, with raising awareness and truth in mind. Nowadays you see alcoholism being used to create entertainment and comedy in books, films, television programmes and so on and you don’t get to really see the real truth behind it. It is a mental health illness and it’s alright to be used, but when its constantly being used and trivialised, it loses all its meaning and becomes just another thing. That’s why I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars!

This is my favourite quote from the book, because of how true it is:
“We don’t get to decide when our lives will end.”


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