My New Laptop!!


Yay!! I have finally bought a brand new laptop and am no longer relying on my tablet and phone to write and type up all of my posts, which can be difficult at times, let me tell you. This is going to be soooo strange! Since starting this blog, every post that I’ve posted, have been created, typed up, adapted, edited, had photos included and everything else involved in creating this blog, has been done using my only tablet or phone. As my phone takes the best photos out of the two at times, I have even taken photos on my phone and emailed them to myself, then opened the email on my tablet to include them in the relevant posts. I originally  did this either using the internet at, but then when I became more aware, I downloaded and started using the wordpress app, but I do still use them both.

It’s going to be so strange to actually use a laptop to post reviews, discussions and so on, but I’m hoping that it will be a lot easier. That will definitely be an added bonus. It will be therefore be alot easier for me to post daily and for me to edit my posts, explore the blogging community and join in with discussions alot more. Now I have to get use to the whole new layout and format of it all first, that’s if there’s any change, plus I have begun to really love the app and how easy it is to use. I can even write up several different posts and save them as drafts, which is really cool for when I have an idea for a post, whether it’s about one of my reviews, a possible discussion idea, even this post, as I typed it up the moment I ordered my new laptop. It is so convenient as I’ve always got my phone or tablet on me. But now I’m so excited to do this properly and I can’t wait. I even stalked the delivery driver on the tracking they send you all morning. Maybe a little bit creepily excited. Sorry Jason. Anyways, this is going to be so much fun! :D☺



2 thoughts on “My New Laptop!!

  1. jessicasblog45 says:

    That’s a pretty laptop. I do stalk the tracking website too when I order things online. I have been the past few days because I ordered a new Kindle case. My mother gave me a Kindle and I broke the case. So now I’m waiting on my new case.
    When I visited my mother last week, I had to use her laptop and it was strange to use it. I have a desktop here at home.

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    • ShayneysReviews says:

      Thank you! ☺ I’ve needed a new one for such a long time.
      It’s so tempting to take a sneaky peek on those tracking websites when you know you can and are provided with all the details lol 😜
      Oh yeah, it would be strange comparing them both, especially if they’re different models and things, eg windows 10 etc. Because did you know you can now download apps on a laptop? Shows how old my previous laptop is.. Mind blown 😲💣

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