My Goodreads Giveaway Win!


Yay! Another great sounding win from Goodreads and their fabulous giveaways. This time I have been lucky enough to win All These Perfect Strangers written by Aoife Clifford. If you cannot quite make out what it says on the front of the cover, it says;

This is about three deaths. Actually more,
if you go back far enough. I say deaths but
perhaps all of them where murders. It’s a grey
area. Murder, like beauty, is in the eye of
the beholder. So let’s just call them deaths
and say I was involved. This story could be
told a hundred different ways.”

Already intrigued? I know I am and that’s just the front cover! At least the cover I have, as its not going to be due out until August 2016 and I believe its going to have a different cover from looking at the one on Goodreads. We haven’t even gotten to the books back cover, where the good parts are usually placed to entice us. So, now that I am very intrigued, and maybe you are to, lets discover the books actual blurb and see what’s lurking on the back cover.

“For Penelope Sheppard, university offers an escapes from her troubled past. Running from a life weighed down with scandal and tragedy, Pen sees this as the ideal place to reinvent herself among perfect strangers. Life in her new halls of residence feels like a wonderland of sex, drugs, and maybe even love.

But all too soon, Pen realises you can never run far or fast enough. And when Pen’s secrets are uncovered, the consequences are deadly. . .”

After reading this, I still say the first one from the front cover is the better of the two and sounds way more enticing, making me want to read it more. And what a way to entice a reader! One hell of a front cover of a book. Maybe one of my favourites, as it does its job.

This is Aoife Clifford’s debut novel, but she has previously won the two major Australian crime-writing prizes in short-story and has been short listed for the UK Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger. In 2013 she was awarded an Australian Society of Authors’ mentorship for All These Perfect Strangers.

Are you intrigued? Because I am so excited about this one 😀


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