In a Slump.


I am in the biggest slump at the moment and it’s not just with reading it seems. I have all these ideas with things to post, but I just can’t seem to manage to put them all together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also having the longest reading slump I’ve had so far this year, which stands at about a week, which doesn’t seem like long, but I’m hating it! I don’t know if it’s the book I’m currently reading, the amazing hot weather, the fact I was unwell and now I feel like I’m currently off of my schedule or something completely different. But now I just don’t know what to do to pull myself out of this slump. . .

I’ve looked up some blog posts about “How to get yourself out of a reading slump” for a little inspiration, but I don’t know how I feel about some of those ideas. Let me tell you why.

No. 1: Try A Different Book.
I started off with massive high hopes for the book I am reading and read like 30% of it an hour because of how much I was enjoying it. I then went out for the day down the beach, got heat stroke and couldn’t read so therefore had a little break from the book and voilà. I have a deadline with this book as it’s a Netgalley book, so I really want to finish it, but finish it with enthusiasm and not dread and just slumping it through, so I can give it a proper review. So I don’t want to try a different book when I already have a deadline on another book, but I am seriously tempted as I do have other books to read.

No. 2: Try Netflix and Binge Watching a TV Show.
I actually love that idea. I know that it’s to distract me, to refresh my mind etc, but binge watching a TV show takes time, like serious time. And knowing me, I will get seriously super into that series and have to keep watching and then my books will just keep gathering more dust and I’ll forget everything about the book I originally started watching the show for. Plus I have stuff to do people, I haven’t got time for that! What happens to my blog when I’m binge watching Supernatural, again? Sticking with the creepy. And the sexy.

No. 3: Try Watching Some Films.
Now this one I can do! Spend the watching films. Take a day off and completly unplug. Take a day off from reading, from blogging, both posting and looking at other people’s pages. Watch films that either completely distract me, or films that make me envy and want to read, like Beauty and The Beast. That film always makes me want to read.

No. 4: Go Out! Spend A Day Outside.
The idea of fresh air clearing the mind, not just with reading, but just with everything sounds good. But this time being very sensible with the weather! Discover new places, go for walks, find the perfect spot. Hell, I may even find my new favourite spot where I can go to read outside, especially with this amazing weather we’ve been having. Why not take advantage.

There are so many other things that are suggested to help when you are in a reading slump, but they mainly revolve around similar ideas. Ideas such as, Organising Your Bookshelves, Reading With Someone, Setting Smaller Goals and so on.

My thought behind creating and writing this post was to hopefully rid myself of all my lack of reading frustration and maybe subconsciously help myself towards becoming unslumped 😜 It’s also a great way for me to go over all of everyone’s ideas and for me to kind of talk to myself, in not a crazy way, about what would work for me and what wouldn’t. Who knows us better than ourselves, after all.  So fingers crossed I’ll be posting some reviews soon. Now this is my own idea, maybe I should post some reviews of books I’ve already read but have posted, or wrote yet, and this will encourage me to want to read more, ending my slump! Worth a shot, plus a perfect time to post some old reviews. (The only down side to this and the reason I’ve been putting it off is because I hate reviewing books I’ve read a while ago and haven’t at least skim re read to do an honest up to date review of, as opinions can be imagined or seemed more liked or hated overtime. So we shall see.)

If you have any ideas, please do let me know and do not hesitate to comment below :mrgreen:



One thought on “In a Slump.

  1. kenyanlibrary says:

    Sorry for the slump, they can be such a pain 😦 You should try rereading your favorite book it always gets me out of a reading slump or watch some booktube when you see other people reading, the guilty will motivate you 🙂 hope you get out of it 🙂


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