Review: Sunset Reads: William and Cristina (Sunset Reads #1) – D.C. Triana


I received a free version of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book, after being approached by the author.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading this book and if I’m being completely honest, judging by the title, for some reason I thought it was going to be something completely different. “Sunset Reads” reminded me and sounded like the name of a hotel or motel, so that is what I was expecting the storyline to be based around. I was definitely wrong. Wrong in a good way. This storyline is way better than I could ever have imagined.

Cristina Cruz is the bestselling author for Sunset Reads Publication’s, being on the New York Bestsellers list multiples times, with oh so many of her books. William Jameson, has just become the new company’s CEO, after his mother has sadly past away. William wants to shake up the company and bring it into the modern days, using technology and of course, it’s number one bestselling author! He may be hot, with the most amazing blue eyes, but Cristina and Williams, first meeting isn’t the best and they both have stubborn and fiery personalities. Can they get over their first impressions, hidden pasts and see what everyone can see?

Wow! This book really took me a little bit by surprise. I really didn’t know what to expect when reading it as I went into reading it blind, which is something I love doing because then you get outcomes like this. Sometimes descriptions ruin the book, like trailers with movies. So this book is written and told from two of the main characters point of views, Cristina and William. It doesn’t fully separate and highlight whose point of view they are telling the story from, e.g. this chapter is from Cristinas perspective and so on. It just skips back and fore in the story, from one person to the other, but it does hold onto one person for a long period of time, then switch to the next, depending on the story. I may not be explaining it well, but I really liked how this was done. It worked really well with the story and rather than having the reader wondering what William was thinking while we were still in Cristinas section of the story, I didn’t have to worry because I was told. I loved it.

By doing it this way I was able to get a really good grasp on the characters in this book. Especially the main two characters. They were very strongly developed, they both had pasts that created depth within each of them. William more of a developed backround, in my opinion, as we saw further back into his life and knew the reasons for certain choices in his life, and how hard those decisions were on him, without giving away too many spoilers. We see regret after his mother dies, as he believes he should have done more and been around more, especially after we uncover their past. With Cristinas character, I was still left with some questions at the end, one in particular. Her character development was good and we get to know her as a character, her character traits and even seeing her develop as events occur. But I will explain in the storyline aspect. There were some great secondary characters that just made this book fantastic and altogether, made this book brilliant, each possessing their own personality. This even includes the character of Cristinas dog Obi, which I believe is named after the authors actual dog, Obi Wan, which I love that she put in the book and when I found out just made me smile.

The storyline of Sunset Reads was something that didn’t have to be and didn’t feel forced. It felt genuine and realistic. The relationships. The feelings. The reactions. Ok, it did seem a bit over the top that they did happened to meet everywhere, e.g. The house party, but that just added to the story. It wasn’t just a story where the main characters feel in love with each other with “love at first sight”. Like I said, there was an actual story, a story I’ll try not to ruin by giving away spoilers. Now, I did say I’d explain a lingering question I had left. Throughout the book there was this thing when it came to Cristina, a past. We know from the beginning, the first chapter I think, that she had trouble with an ex boyfriend as he threaten her at a party, but it doesn’t really go much more into that, unless I bypassed it without realising it. It was also mentioned that she’s having a difficult time, which I assumed was because of her ex boyfriend, which was why I was waiting greatly for it to go into further detail, especially when she bumps into him again at a second party, but no more is said. Again that could have been me. It also briefly mentioned that she was the one who found the body of the deceased owner, who was like a mother to her. So this just left me with questions about her and her ex boyfriend.

The ending is well thought through and it all came together nicely. After everything that had happened throughout the book, I was glad to see the ending that there was. This is a fantastic debut novel for D.C. Triana for her first book and I definitely recommend it. There were some editing mistakes, which were nothing in comparison and very easy to ignore, which you could come to expect, but I didn’t even take them into account when it came to my rating and am only mentioning them as I promised an honest review.

*It is advertised as being an erotica book, but there isn’t that many sex scenes in this book, maybe just a couple, which actually just added to the book.*

I do recommend this book and give it a strong 4 stars out of 5.


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