The #Friday56 – Friday 20th May

This is a weekly tag meme, that is done every Friday, hosted on Fredas Voice blog. I came across it and thought that it sounded really fun and was a really good way to highlight books that I haven’t got around to reading yet. Plus, it’s really making me want to read a load more of my books now as well. So win win! :mrgreen:

Now For The Rules:
*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader.
*Find any sentence. (or few, just try not to spoil it)
*No post it.
*Make sure to include the tag #Friday56
*It couldn’t be simplier.


                                      The Trap – Melanie Raabe.
The book I’ve choosen to do is The Trap by Melanie Raabe. If you remember, I wan this book with a Goodreads Giveaway and I sadly haven’t yet read it. So I am hoping that this will entice myself to read it quicker. Plus, read more of my Goodreads Giveaway books is on my to do list ☺

Page 56:But the large sum of money I was prepared to spend, combined with his realisation that I am not a criminal mastermind but merely a sick, weak woman novelist, persuaded him to demonstrate his skills to me.”

Now I definitely can’t wait to read this book even more so!! It was already high on my to read list, but now, it even higher. I think I’m really going to like this meme, as like as I don’t spoil books for myself!!


3 thoughts on “The #Friday56 – Friday 20th May

    • ShayneysReviews says:

      I used to do that, until I did it and just happened to flip to and read a spoiler 😢😢😢 I cried.. I like it when it has a suggested page to try and read written on the back of the book to see if you’ll like it. It’s like the author or publisher knows me 😆😀 At least then you know there’s going to be no spoilers on that page as well lol. So I’m defiantly going to be doing this meme every week! *fingers crossed for no spoilers*

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