Review: Let The Waves Come In – J.L. Leslie


I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book.

Aubrey Somers has slowly gotten her life back on track after what happened two years ago. She may take an anti-depressant every day, see a therapist every other week and still lacks the confidence to drive, but that’s okay. She has her dream job, even if it comes with a “bitchy” boss, a fantastic apartment and she’s still in touch and very close to her best friend from childhood, Drew, even if they do live in different cities to each other and their closeness is constantly being brought into question. Then on a night out with the girls, a blast from the past comes back to Aubrey, but does it bring back good memories? Only time will tell… 

WOW! I have to say that this is one of my favourite storylines from this author, and I have been lucky enough to have been able to read and review each and every one of her books in advance. There were parts that I could completely relate to and empathise with and I believe that many people may also be able to. Maybe that’s what makes this book so great, its relatability, but also because of how great its storyline is. There were parts where I had tried to guess what was about to happen and was actually a little shocked when something else occurred in the book, in a good way. There were other parts when, without giving away spoilers, things were mentioned a little too much, that I wasn’t too surprised when the book took a turn and Aubrey was faced with yet another decision to make.

Just like J.L. Leslies’ other books, you get to see this story told from the two main characters perspectives, Audrey and Declan. I love this aspect of the book. I love it when you get to see multiple characters perspectives in books, knowing exactly what each of the characters are thinking, feeling and what’s happening. You get a clearer picture of who the character truly is, in my opinion, compared to just a first person narrative, where they could have a biased opinion of a character, providing you with a judged or biased character picture. The characters are also another great part of this book. They are so strongly developed, especially for a book that’s only just over 100 pages. We get to see some of the characters developing and growing up over and through different times and periods in their lives. From 2010, 2014 and 2016, the major events that occurred during their lives. We see strong relationships developed, not just with the two main characters  as you would expect but with so many more. You can see the strong and extremely close relationship between friendship, the relationship between brothers, between brothers in arms and the complicated relationship you just want to scream at.

I then got to the end of this book and was glad to get the ending that I wanted and finished reading it with a massive smile and with no disappointment whatsoever! In fact, I even got some exciting news. What I thought was just a stand alone book, turned out to be the first book in a series and there’s going to be another book :mrgreen: The second book is going to be following one of the other characters, who we have met, Drew, called Finding Dawn! That’s all anyone knows so far. So I am super excited for the second book, after enjoying this one so much.

I loved this book and I read it within hours, never putting it down once I started reading it. I loved the characters who just seemed so real and engaging and dealt with some everyday issues, such as problems at work with a boss you hate, plus a question that has always baffled me, “Why can’t a man and woman be just friends?” I’ve never understood why people always question that. This book also dealt with mental illness, which is linked into the title, in a way that never discriminated against it. It mentioned it as an everyday thing and the treatments are a thing that were necessary for the character, never once considering never taking them, or going against them. She saw the benefits of them and actually looked forward to certain parts, such as her therapist appointments. It was good to see this because I would say that the majority of people are diagnosed or hiding a mental illness, so it’s nice to see it included in this way.

J.L. Leslie was the first author whose book I first read in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, giving her feedback on her book, which also prompted me to set up my blog. Looking back on her first book, Demons From My Past, which was a stand alone book, it’s amazing to see how great her books have come along. Her books have just gotten better and better. Check out some of my other reviews of some of her other books.

Definitely a 5 star rating and I highly recommend you give this book a read and that you check out some of her other books, especially the Zane series. *I do warn you that they do contain mature content*

Have you read any of J.L. Leslies books? If so, what have you thought? Comment below ☺


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