Review: From A Poison Pen – B.P. Smythe



I was sent a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book.

“From A Poison Pen” is a book consisting of multiple short mystery stories, all of which are written by the author, B.P. Smythe. I didn’t know what to expect when I got sent this book from the author, asking for me to review his book, all I knew was that it contained short stories, and that they were mystery thriller based stories. There are ten stories, to be exact, each with their own unique plots, storylines and characters for you to love and very easily hate, in some stories and circumstances.

I am usually a reader who is not easily surprised when it comes to plot twists. This doesn’t only come with reading, but with movies, games and so many other things. So when I read a book and I am taken aback and do get genuinely shocked about the sudden twist that’s just occurred before my eyes, I love it!! This didn’t happen just once, but this occurred quite a few times when reading these stories. There was times and stories which were predictable, but then you would get these parts that you wouldn’t have expected, that were just thrown straight in your face, in the best possible way.

There were some of the stories that I obviously enjoyed more than the others and for their own specific reasons. For pure shock value, I loved “The White Room”. That was the first story in this book that took me by complete surprise and therefore truly made me want to keep reading this book, to discover what more was within. “Girls of the BDM” was a story that I really enjoyed reading. It was longer than some of his other stories and you could really see the amount of research and effort was put into it. I found myself fully engrossed and saddened when the story ended, as I wanted more, forgetting that they were short stories. The last story in this book has to be my favourite, entitled “We’ll Meet Again”. Again, just like “Girls of the BDM”, this story was based around the war, was one of the longest of all the stories and would’ve required research. But the way this story was written, the story itself and the way it ended, just created so many emotions and was the story that will stay with me the most out of them all. It gripped me from the moment they split the cufflinks, right up until the end, making me feel just how Karl is feeling.

Each of these stories are quick and easy to read, and will make you want to keep reading the next story, until you’ve read them all, at least that’s what happened with me. Some of the stories are shorter longer than others, there are some you may prefer more than others. There are some editing and spelling mistakes throughout all of these stories, which can be distracting at times when reading.

The ten stories in this book, in the order they appear in the book, are:
1. Constricted Love
2. The White Room
3. Mint Imperials
4. The Letter
5. Abigail’s Closet
6. Girls of the BDM
7. Love Me Do
8. Bath Night
9. Lovers Leap
10. We’ll Meet Again

Each of the ten stories have their own little plots and storieslines, from war, concentration camps, betrayal, murder, love, a snake, and so much more, in ways you can’t think of. Definitely a 4 out of 5 stars and a recommendation to those who like mysteries and thrilling stories.

Do you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited? Then you can read this book for free on Amazon, yay!!! 😀

Read and discover your favourite story, then come back and share which one was your favourite.


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