Completing My Goodreads Reading Challenge!


At the start of the year, before setting up my book blog, I set up my first ever Goodreads Reading Challenge. Let me start off my saying that I suffer MASSIVELY with Severe Chronic Migraines, which have been getting worse lately. So when it came to setting my reading challenge, I kept this in mind and wanted to make it something that I would still be able to reach within the year. So I set my goal at a low 26 books….

I assumed I would therefore be able to have two weeks to read and complete each individual book, being able to take breaks when necessary and also be able to read slowly, if needed to. I didn’t want to set it at 50+ and then not be able to reach it by having serious migraine attacks from over reading, trying to keep up with my goal, leaving myself disappointed by not completing my goal. Plus, I am not the fastest of readers. I didn’t know that I would finally have the courage and ability to set up my own book blogging site, giving me more of an incentive to read quicker and to read different types of books. I have also had authors and publishers getting in touch with me to read and review their books, short stories and novellas, which as made me want to read their books quicker, in order to help give them feedback sooner. I have also had the opportunity to be a beta reader for two authors, which was definitely an experience and something I would definitely do again! Ive also discovered great websites, such as Netgalley and Story Cartel, which enable you to request, download, read and review new eARC and build up your profile with their site and with the publishers and authors who post their books on those sites. So its been a very good couple of months so far ☺:mrgreen:

Well, as of yesterday, I not only completed my reading challenge, but I’ve also exceeded my goal, currently reading a total of 29 books to date!!! I have created reviews on my page for each and every one of those books that I have read this year, and I have been trying to catch up with older book reviews, so check them out. I’m so glad with my progress so far and we’re not even half way through the year yet, so I can’t wait to see how many books I will have read by the end of this year!! This is fantastic progress for me!!

How are all of you doing so far with your own Goodreads Reading Challenge?


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