April Book Haul 2016


I haven’t bought that many books this month, physical printed books that is, so there aren’t going to be that many books to show in this month’s haul. I have bought, read, downloaded and been sent quite a few eBooks from authors, publishers, Story Cartel, Amazon, Netgalley and so on, but I have made a personal decision not to include eBooks in my monthly book hauls for two reason. Number 1, there are so many that this list can go on and on, especially when amazon and other sites have their offers, especially free eBooks. Number 2, if I am sent an ebook by an author or publisher after agreing to read their book, then I will be doing a review post of their book as soon as I am finished reading it, so their book will be advertised at some point on my website/blog.

Here’s a little heads up and warning in advance that three out of the four books that I am going to be mentioning in this post have already been mentioned at some point during the month, as they were Goodreads Giveaway wins 🙂 and I will be linking them in with their posts for a more detailed description. So lets begin…


1. Devotion – Louisa Young
This was my second Goodreads Giveaway book that I had been lucky enough to win and Uncorrected Proof Copy also :). Devotion is a sequel to “My Dear I Wanted To Tell You” and “The Heroes’ Welcome”. Nobody knew that the children that were being born and conceived in 1919 would be perfect for the upcoming war in 1939, that they were also unaware of. Especially the implications of an Italian Jewish family supporting Mussolini in 1935. Click here to go to the full post about this book, where there’s also a full description taken from Goodreads. (As of today’s date, this book as gone back on Goodreads as a giveaway deal, so if you are interested, go and have a look!!)


2. Children of Earth and Sky – Guy Gavriel Kay
This was another Goodreads Giveaway and Uncorrected Proof Copy win and this was one that I was really excited about receiving. I was instantly drawn into this book by the cover alone, and then when I read the description of the book, I couldn’t wait to read it. This book also came with an invoice as proof of winning this book, with the date, name of book etc on it, which was really nice. This is quite a thick book, being just under 600 pages, and it sounds like none of it is going to be boring. Filled with vengeance, pirates, spy, and so much more in this fantasy book from the best selling author Guy Gavriel Kay. Click here to go to the post about Children of Earth and Sky and find out more about this book.


3. Clockwork Phoenix 5 – Edited by Mike Allen
You may be tired of hearing this in this post, but I promise you that this is the last time, I was lucky enough to win this First Edition Uncorrected ARC of Clockwork Phoenix 5. It has been a very lucky month for me. Where should I start? This is the fifth book in the anthology fantasy series, where a collection of short stories written by various different authors are all published and edited together by Mike Allen. Since writing my original post, I learnt that the first three and the fourth and fifth were edited by different people and there’s a cool story behind it. After the third book, the company didn’t have money to carry on, so understanding what could be done and wanting to get the public involved, they started a Kickstarter campaign in order to get the fourth book off the ground, and they did so with great success. Even though they now had the money to do everything the needed to do with the fifth book, they still wanted to get the public involved and to make them feel like they were apart of it, so this book was part of the Kickstarter campaign also, which is pretty cool! This book includes twenty short stories, each by different individual authors, so it can definitely be read as a stand alone, even though it is part of a series. I have already read a couple of the stories and am really enjoying them. Click here to go to the post about the Clockwork Phoenix 5 post.


4. The War of the Finches – Jamie L Harding
This is the only book that I have actually bought this month and I am glad that it is. I have been wanting to buy this book for a while now and I may be biased when it comes to reviewing it, or I may be a little disappointed because I have huge expectations because I know the author personally, as I grew up with him and went to nursery and throughout the whole of school with him. What makes this book have that personal touch is how much respect the author has for the army and every solider and man in arms, because he himself enlisted and wanted to help protect his country from a young age. He’s also always has a great passion for writing, so when I found out that he was writing a book, I wasn’t surprised at all and I knew that I was going to buy it. This book is self published on the website lulu.com so if you think this sounds like a book that you want to read, head over there, and if you sign up to them they offer you some great discounts.
Here’s the discription from Lulu:
“From the deep philosophies of conflict and society to the gripping effect of love and romance, this book holds it all. “The War of the Finches” tells the tale of Oscar J. Black, a young fellow who desperately yearns to be a writer, “one of the greats!” in fact, yet instead embarks upon a perilous journey of conflict, war, love and contemplation. His tale is one of heart-aching romance, gripping courage, social constraints and the harsh realities of young men thrown into “the war to end all wars”. A book for those of all perspectives, and sure to be a revered favourite for all lovers of literature.”

What has everyone else bought, won, been given or any other way they’ve found themselves in possession with amazing books this month? 🙂 Is there anything you’re looking forward to buying that’s coming out in May?


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