Review: The Cradle Will Fall – Clare Donoghue


*** (3.5 stars)
This is a short review for a short prequel, which I am in two minds on how to review, but lets begin…

This is a very, very short read, even shorter than I was expecting. It is advertised as being roughly 28 pages on amazon, where I bought it from, or rather downloaded for free at the moment as it’s on offer, because it sounds really good and I thought I’d try this short prequel before purchasing the rest of the series. This book, or short story, may have covered maybe half of the 28 pages, if that, and the rest of was chapters from the other books, enticing you to purchase those. But now let’s talk about what there is of this book….

Be warned that if you do not like books with a bit of a graphic or upsetting nature, then maybe this isn’t your type of book, as there is some sensitivity required. This crime book, illistrates the case that Police Constable Jane Bennett and DI Lockyer first worked on together, before developing their partnership, a case that shocked them all.

It is a short prequel, more like a chapter. So much so, at first I thought it was a sample chapter and I went searching for the rest of the rest of the book. It doesn’t really go any further so you don’t really know fully what happens, because like I said, it’s a chapter, but it’s hinted at. I do and am interested in reading the rest of the series, so it did do its job, in that way. So I’m going to rate this 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Have you read this or any more of Clare Donoghues’ book? What do you think? Any suggestions? Comment below 😀


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