Review: Tease Me (Zane Series: Book 3) J. L. Leslie


I was sent a free ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review of the book.

This is the last book in the Zane series, and in my opinion, the author definitely saved the best book until last. This book is about the last of the Zane siblings, Lennon Zane, the younger sister of Stellan and Dylan. This book picks up where the second book left off and the aftermath of Zoes article on the Zane siblings and everything that happened they suffered during their time spent in foster care. This time around, it is Lennons turn to meet somebody, and we get to read about the unlikely connection between Lennon and Swift in this final instalment of the series.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is by far my favourite out of the entire series and what a hell of a way to finish the series. I thought that after not reading the series for a bit that I may not enjoy this book as much and that I wouldn’t be as invested in the characters as I had previously been, reading the previous two straight after each other, but I was definitely wrong and so I was glad to be wrong. Since reading the first book, I was so looking forward to reading Lennons book and finding about her story, that I thought that by the time I finally got to the book entirely dedicated to her, it would be a let down from how excited I’ve been and the build up, but again I was wrong. I like being wrong.  Lennon and Swift are by far my favourite couple, and Swift is 100% my favourite character throughout the entire series (which I can now say as the series has now ended), which is what made this my favourite without a doubt. There was just something about him and how sure he was about himself and regardless of everything he had been through, he wasn’t afraid to push through all of that fear to get what he wanted.

The author did an amazing job with how she wrote the characters in this this book and if you, like me, have read the entire series, you can see how her work has just gotten better and better over time. The first one I think originated more as an erotica at its core and then threw in its story, and there’s nothing wrong with that, hell I gave it a 4 out of 5 because how it was done was still done good and still outshone a certain other well known erotica series that flew off the shelves, that barely gets a of star from me. But, her second and third book, the storyline and characters improved massively and they were explained first and stuck to before including the erotica element into the book, which works a lot better and comes across so much better, for me any way, which is why I gave them both 5 out of 5 stars.

There were certain things that were mentioned, certain surprises that completely took me, well, by surprise. I’m not going to spoil anything but OMG! I’m not easily surprised, but there was a moment that stopped me reading and had me wishing that other people were reading this with me so I could’ve asked them if they saw that coming, from an erotica book!! And that’s coming from someone’s whose read all of these books. Completely dumbfounded me.

There are some really romantic moments, that had me smiling my way through the entire scenes, some erotic sex scenes that just made them closer has a couple and a lot of things in between that believe me are worth reading. There’s s much that I could tell you and talk about with his book but I would just spoil it and give to much away and I try not to do that. However, I will say one thing which may spoil something, that is if you haven’t read the first book, so if you haven’t, you may want to skip this quote. Towards the end of this book, the author includes a sentence that I thought was really nice as it was a little reminder to the readers and fans of this series, just how far their journey has been together, both the Zane family and the readers who took the journey with them; “I look down at my sister-in-law and can’t believe this all started with me hiring her as Stellan’s housekeeper.”.

Now for my recommendation. You could possibly read this book by itself if you wanted to, all of the necessary information that you need is included in this book, so you wouldn’t miss anything, but then you also wouldn’t gain the extra character developments that are spread out throughout the other books. You’d lose all of that depth and some of that understanding. I highly recommend these books and recommend you read them as a series so you take everything and everyone as they are supposed to be. They aren’t long stories, so it’s not going to take you long to read them and are fantastic! A massive 5 out of 5 stars!!

Who else has read this series? What was your favourite book, favourite character and why? Agree or disagree with me. Comment below.


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