Review: The Missing Hours – Emma Kavanagh


I would first like to thank NetGalley, the Author and the Publisher for the free copy of this book. I would also like to say that even though I did receive a free copy of this book, my review is 100% honest, like always.

This is a book that was filled with mystery right from the very beginning and has you guessing and changing your mind throughout the entire book. Without giving away too many spoilers, Dr Selena Cole goes missing, leaving her two girls alone in the park and then within less than 24 hours, she is found but has no memory of those missing hours. What happened during those hours? Is she lying? At the same time the dead body of Dominic Newell shows up. Are the two cases related?

The first chapter of this book got me hooked straight away and it was my favourite because I loved the fact that it was told from the point of view of the young daughter of the missing Selena Cole and I was excited to see more chapters from such a young character, but sadly this was the only one. The rest of the chapters are told from many different character perspectives, which is something I really like in a book.

The story is told mainly through the two main detectives working on the two cases, who just happen to be brother and sister, which is great and I loved their interaction with each other and how they were able to understand each other with just a glance or a look. The storys also told from the point of view of the other characters, including, the missing Dr Selena Cole. There was also lots and lots of case files, news articles, journals, papers and other things written and included that made up at least a minimum of a third of this book.

There was a strong development for each of the characters individually and for the relationships between the characters. Like I said previously, my favourite aspect was the relationship between the brother and sister cop duo, which was brilliant. They didn’t even have to speak to know what each other were thinking. Even with the strong storyline that it had, the ending needed to be longer, as I felt disappointed and felt that it kind of ended abruptly, leaving me needing a couple more chapters just to end it properly.

When it came to the finale, I expected the reason that she went missing (I honestly did), but I didn’t have any idea who the murderer was, but when it was discovered and the reason why, it was a bit of a let down to be honest.

Overall, it did keep me guessing throughout, which I loved, with a great storyline and my favourite character relationship duo I’ve read in a while. If you love a great mystery and crime book that keeps you guessing then this is your type of book and I highly recommend it, so I’m going to rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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