Review: Furious (Faith McMann Series: Book 1) – T.R Ragan


 I was lucky enough to be able to download and read an ARC of this book from Netgalley. Trying not to give away too many spoilers, the blurb and the description of this book was “Faith McMann comes home to a nightmare: her husband is killed and her son and daughter are taken. Although the intruders leave her for dead, she survives. Crippling grief and fear for her children make life unbearable. Until her anguish turns to anger…and she trades victimhood for vengeance.” There is more to the blurb, but I don’t want to give too much away, but if you are interested, please go and have a look.

Let me begin by mentioning that this book has a MASSIVE human trafficking element throughout, or in this books case, child sex trafficking. Before beginning the first chapter there is an information page or a writers comment page, which includes a website if you want further information. So if you are affected by anything that is written in the book, you can have a look up online, using that site, to look things up further.

I am going to be completely honest and tell you all that I didnt read the description fully before requesting this book, I read the first paragraph and was hooked and then requested the book. If i continued reading the desciption and knew at the time about the child sex trafficking aspect, I never would have thought of choosing and requesting this book. But now after reading this book, I think that it is amazing and really enjoyed reading it and am glad that I only read the first paragraph. Even now, knowing what this book and this series is about, I can’t wait for the second book in this Faith McMann Series to be released.

The topics been handled handled perfectly. It didn’t hide anything or try to make it pretty, it’s tried to portray it as it really is , which is ugly and everywhere and it didn’t have an happy ending with a bow and a cherry on the top. The storyline is great, made better by the writing, which enables you the envision and take everything and everyone in; from people, to places, to emotions and so much more.

The writing style makes you feel like you are one of the group or one of the family helping looking for the children and makes you feel and care about the outcome at the end, but with such a touch and sensitive subject, I think its hard not to feel involved. This is one of the few books, or should I say series, where I have no say, that I have no idea where the stories going to go or how it’s going to end.

It has great charter developments, except for maybe the two missing children, Lara and Hudson, especially Hudson, who we needed more chapters for, but then with the few chapters we did get for them, there were strong developments that can be built on throughout the series. I’m not mentioning my favourite charter in this book, as my favourites do tend to die in books, movies, you name it, and these books have seen a lot of violence, rape, death and I have a feeling that some beloved characters may die before we reach the end of the series.

I was so upset when this book ended because that’s when I fully realised how this book being a part of a series would really affect this book and the end of this book, but I also realised how much this ending was also like real life. I like how the ending made me feel so desperate for answers, just like how in real life you don’t always get the answers and ending you want.

I do recommend that you read this book. Go into it knowing in advance that it is a book that is heavy based on sex trafficking, two scenes in particular, but it’s definitely worth reading it. An unbelievable 5 out of 5 stars!!!


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