Review: Wonder – R. J. Palacio



This book took me by complete surprise as I honestly didn’t expect too enjoy it, thinking that it was aiming more towards a younger audience. The thing I liked best about this book, which I didn’t expect, was that it isn’t just written from Auggies point of view and showing how his life is only affected. Throughout the book we get to see things from his friends point of views, his sister’s and even his sisters friends point of view and is something that I really liked reading. I loved reading the chapters that were written from his sister’s point of view especially and how it all affected her life in so many ways. How she felt left out and neglected, how she was just starting a new school at the beginning of the book where nobody knew who herself or Auggie were and she wanted to keep it that way because for once she finally able to create her own identity. I started really enjoying her chapters more than auggies sadly and I really hope that they release a book that is just based on her point of view because that would be amazing.

We then got to see how everyday things that we all take for granted and even complain about, never wanting to do, can be a massive problem for a 10 year old boy who has on simple difference from other children his age, such as going to school. We see discrimination at its biggest form and sadly we can’t just say it’s from the children, which is where this book was in its truest form. The parents of the school children were one of the biggest culprits in this book towards poor Auggie, photoshopping him out of photos so their kids wouldn’t have to be associated with him, not explaining to their children and allowing their children to continue bullying Auggie after being told of the events. Making it worse, the parents blame Auggie and the head teacher for the bullying, for allowing Auggie to be kept in the school after numerous protests, and then the parents finally put together a community to try and kick Auggie out of their school because of his deformity. Yepp. The adults in this book are the biggest bullies.

What makes the bullying worse in this book, is that you have this very sweet, polite boy, so when you have someone pick on him, whether its a child, a remark from an adult or how because of how of how somebody looked at his face, it makes it all worse. You see some strong friendships, some betrayals, sadness, very strong bullying, death, and its told from several peoples point of views.

This is the exactly the type of book that should be taught or at least read and disgust at schools because the ending teaches children to be more accepting and tolent towards children and other people in general, that are not the same as themselves. It is a brilliant book and I highly highly recommend it!! 5 out of 5 stars!.


2 thoughts on “Review: Wonder – R. J. Palacio

    • ShayneysReviews says:

      The book started off like that, but by the time you get to the end and everyone gets to know him and after everything he ends up going through, he ends up standing out because they see him for who he is, which is a normal cool kid. Yeah even the front cover of the book shows just a boys face with one eye, so from the beginning you could tell that there was going to be something different about him. Have you read the book?


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