Review: Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard


I am going to be completely honest in this review because overall I did end up enjoying this book, as you can see I am giving this book a four stars.

First off, there were several parts of this book that just reminded me of another book, which just hit even closer when the main character Mare was being forced to go to the “Capital” and we then see the complete difference between the living situations; not just between Mares little “District” but between everyone living next to the river.
Secondly, all of these “surprise twists” that were surposed to happen in the end of the book, I knew them all way before they happened. I’d say maybe it’s because I read a lot, but I do it with films as well, so maybe I can’t blame the author on that one. The only reason I bought this book was because of all the reviews from Amazon, bloggers and booktube and I was really excited about what they all said about the twists in the end, so it did leave me unsatisfied and disappointed.
And thirdly, they all had weird names, so I never knew if I was pronouncing them right in my own head and that’s coming from someone who also has a weird name and spent her life correcting people lol.

In spite of all of that, I couldn’t put the book down and read the book in one day and that was the quickest that I’ve read a book at that time, considering I was having a bad reading spell. I loved that all of the plot twists that I knew were coming happened and proved me right, which even though was disappointing, was quietly satisfying and needed to happen. There was never a dull moment in the book that made me want to put it down, as it was filled with love, hate, betrayal, confusion, death, happiness, family, loss and so much more that its like a rollercoaster for all of your emotions. And then when I finished reading the book and how they had finished it, leaving it open for a second book, I went straight on amazon to see if I could pre order it, adding it to my wish list. I even lent my copy of the book to my friend (who is a fast reader) just so I could have somebody to discuss the book with.

So even with all of my negatives towards the book, I still loved the book and would’ve given it a five, but I did have to take into account all of the negatives. I did love that book and can’t wait for Glass Sword!!!! I hope this was helpful.


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