Review: Lethal Lore – Monica Shaughnessy


This isn’t your normal horror novel, but it is in fact a book containing four short horror stories that are each meant to tell and portray their own different story, based on different myths.

I selected and downloaded this book free from Story Cartel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review, after receiving an email from their site. I chose this book as my first book to download and review, as it was recommended to fans of Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe, so I was really looking forward to reading these stories.

I feel like I should review each individual story that’s in this book, but as they are short stories, in order for me to do that there may be spoilers.

Simple Math: “A mathematician on the brink of suicide meets his doppelgänger, doubling his troubles.” – This story in its simplest for, is about doppelgangers. Out of the four stories in Lethal Lore, this story, Simple Math, would have to be my favourite story. It’s the story that stays with the most and was the one whose meaning I was able to take away from the tale. I already guessed the twist ending before both men left the ValuMart, so when it happened and was revealed at the end, I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised.

Killer Jack: “A naïve Cajun bags more than he bargained for during a jackalope hunt.” This story comes across as being about jackalopes, but that is just the underline story with this one. Out of the four, this would have to be my second favourite. Again, the second that one of the characters said to the other “We’re hunting Jack”, I knew the ending to this tale, especially after the beginning of the story.

Hell Cent: “Bad luck for one person is good luck for another, as The Professor soon learns.” This story is about the luck, or bad luck a person can have with the flip of a coin. I couldn’t really get into this story until the ending, which is where all the action was. It did get interesting towards the end because there was some action and I did want to find out what was going to happen, but has for the rest of the story, I unfortunately didn’t understand it.

The Bells Of Bury St. Edmunds: “A servant girl exacts justice, unleashing terror on her medieval town.” I know that this story contains murder, love for a man who just doesn’t love her back, heart break and revenge, but I honestly can’t remember what happened in this story. Nothing in it appealed to me and it just confused me. I don’t to spoil it because it did start off strong but somehow just went downhill for me and just going over my head and not understanding. This had to be my least favourite out of them all.

What I liked about this book was that after each story there was a little myth fact tale that tells you where the myth for each story originates from. If you don’t want to read it then you don’t have to, but it is there for those who do and its nice to know the stories behind the stories. I have to admit that I was disappointed by these stories and was really looking forward to reading some really good horror tales with the recommendations that they came with. I am a massive horror junkie so I was let down. I’d still give it a 3 out of 5 stars for the first 2 stories and the ending of the third one and would give the last a read at another time.

They are all short stories so give them a read and see what you all think. Which one is your favourite? Let me know.


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