Review: Ghost of a Chance (Ghost Protector Trilogy #1) – E. J. Divitt


I was sent a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for a honest book review of the book.

This is the first book in the Ghost Protector Trilogy series and believe me, if the rest of the books are anything like the first book, then we have got a lot to look forward to. This book starts off with 18 year old Jenny having a dream, where her recently deceased father comes to her in a dojo and tells her that she needs to learn how to fight and protect herself. That she is the new Protector. She awakes from the dream, dismissing it as a dream, even when she see the same marks on her hands that occurred during the dream, putting it down to banging it while sleeping. The story gets interesting from there as she learned that the dream is more than just a dream and she is more just a girl. She suffers heartbreak and more loss and has to learn fast who she an trust.

It did take me a several chapters before I was able to get into this book, but once I was into this book, the storyline really gripped me. I really liked the mysterious element of the book and loved the fact that us, the readers, were learning everything, just as Jenny was discovering everything for the first time, searching for answers from anyone who would tell her anything. That when she wasn’t discovering what she wanted, or someone was avoiding her question or taking to long to answer, you understood her anger and frustration because just like her, I wanted answers as well. The writing style is what really made the story come alive when reading the story, with how everything was described it made it so much easier for me to real be able to picture everything. There was plenty of background information for all of the characters and for all of the topics and information that was discussed in the book, so I didn’t feel like I didn’t understand any of it, or if I was starting to fell that way, it was quickly explained. I like how this book, book one, spent the whole book basically explaining what a Protector was, so when we came to the end of the book, we are ready and fully informed for the following books. The information you need to know to understand everything in this book is not rushed and it comes across very easily.

There were a few editing issues, such as some words in the wrong places, missing words etc but they are very easily looked past. There is a small part in this book that is a bit of a let down and did leave me disappointed, but what proceeded that incident more than made up for that.

So much happened in Jennys’ life in such a short period of time in and with how this book ended and with what’s now expected of her, I so can’t wait to read the second book in the trilogy. I would recommend this book highly with 5 out of 5 stars!.


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