Review: Looking For Alaska – John Green


I started reading this book several times, but for some reason I put it down again after reading the first couple of pages. After reading The Fault In Our Stars, I started picking up some more John Green books whenever I saw them in the shops or online. I saw really, really good reviews about this book, which is probably what ruined this book for me because I was going into this book with really big expectations. This was said to be the best John Green book out of them all, so of course that would give anybody MASSIVE expectations before reading it, so maybe if I didn’t hear anything then I would have enjoyed it more.

The book took me a while to get into it once I finally got my mind set on reading it, but once I did, I really did enjoy it. The characters seemed realistic and the relationship between each other and how they interacted with each other, is also realistic. Considering the characters were mostly teenagers and the author is, lets say a little older, I liked how he was able to capture the teenage life without over dramatizing it like some other authors do. He was able to capture certain emotions from the characters that was hidden deep down, covered up by confidence and some other emotions that were right there on the surface. I liked how the main character Miles, started off as this shy, timid character with no friends, but then he developed as the book went along. He made friends with his roommate, the Colonel, with Alaska, and with a few more people and becoming quite popular within this group of people, becoming really close. We are able to see as he grows as a character, being able to make friends who accept him for who he is and his little quirks.

What I didn’t like was how quickly Miles gave into peer pressure, as this book was aimed at a younger audience. Miles wanted to fit in and become friends with this group of people, and wanted to look cool in front of Alaska and the Colonel, that he did things he had never done before. the first time that you see him doing something like this, you hear him questioning himself, doubting himself, but he does it anyway because of the people who are around him. The more he does it, the more he enjoys it and more normal and natural it becomes, one habit then leads into another habit that he also never did before. It seemed like the message coming across in the book was that it’s ok to give into peer pressure. It makes you look cool and you’ll get more friends. I have a 13 year old sister so maybe I’m looking too much into it but that annoyed me so much. To make matters worse, Miles was not just paying for his cigarettes, but he was also paying for his roommates, plus he was starting to get into trouble by helping to pull pranks and it felt to me like he was being used.

The storyline was good and took me by complete surprise because by the title of the book, so I was honestly expecting it to take a different turn. I think that this title, I was expecting this book to be more like Paper Towns because of how they go looking for her in that book. So when the plot happens, and I won’t spoil it, I was completely surprised and in shock! I even thought it was another prank and was waiting for someone to say Psych! I like how it followed afterwards and I do get how the title falls into the story, ish, and am left feeling like Miles’ character and am left in desperate need for answers.

I would recommend this book, but maybe read it with some tissues as we all know John Green likes his emotions and making his readers cry. It didn’t live up to the big hype but it was still a good read and the ending made this book for me and saved it, so that’s why I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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