Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J. K. Rowling


When it came to reading the Harry Potter series, I am sorry to say that I read them completely out of order and have only recently finished reading the last book. Well, when I say the last book, I mean the last book that I had left to read out of the series in my weird order and that would be the third book in the series. Let me start off by stating the order that I read them in, so that can be out of the way and then that can be behind us all. I started out good and read the first and second book in the correct order, but I didn’t own the third novel (this one), so I read the fourth book, followed by the sixth book, then the fifth book, seventh and final book. Then when I finally went to borrow the third book to read from a friend, I noticed there were pages missing, so, I went and bought this book and strangly it was on top of my tbr list for a while now. So now that’s over, lets begin with my review…

This was my final Harry Potter book to read out of the series, as I read them all out of order, and it seems I saved the best for last. I thought that I was going to be disappointed with this book because I have seen the film so many times and with reading the other books and seeing the films, that I have already seen everything and all the spoilers have already been told. But man was I wrong. It was great seeing all the little gems that were missed out of the film that were so obvious now that I know, that I never noticed before, such as when it comes to the map and the names of its creator’s, that Fred and George give to Harry. It made me feel like I had been so ignorant when I had been watching the film’s before for not noticing them before because of how obvious they were and I had to have them explained to me so clearly.

I loved everything about this book, and this is one of those few books that definitely did live up to and exceed the hype that surrounded it. The characters that you already know and love are growing up slowly and you can see it happening and I only wish that I read them in the right order so I could’ve seen that more clearly. You can see that the style of the book is growing as the age of not only the characters are growing older, but the age of the readers are also growing older alongside the characters. This is shown with the writing style and the language taking a darker turn and with there being a more complex storyline to follow. The book is also bigger in size, as there is more of a story to tell, requring the reader to have more determination to read and finish this book. I loved this book!

It was brilliant to finally finish this series after all of these years, with some childhood satisfaction washing over me, even with me being 23. Straight after finishing, it made me want to start reading this series all over again, but this time, doing it in the correct order!.

I would definitely recommend this book and this series to everybody and anybody who wishes to go on an adventure. I would say to start off with the first book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and make your way through the series in the correct order. These books are NOT just for children and are fantastic reads. You will not regret it. Enjoy!!! 5 out of 5 stars.


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