Review: Me Me Me – Charlotte Crosby


This was the first book that I read of 2016 and it didn’t disappoint. I was so excited to read it, being a big fan of Charlotte Crosby already from watching her in Geordie Shore, so maybe I was a little biased towards this book before reading it.

This book is just simply Charlotte Crosby!!. Its funny, amazing and full of the funny antics that’s you’ve come to expect and love from the life of Miss Crosby. You’ll be laughing so loud that you’ll be stared at like a crazy person, but it’ll be worth it and you’ll carry on and do it again. At least that’s what I did. If you love Charlotte then you’ll love this book and love knowing more about her life and what she did before Geordie Shore, her thoughts during and her other experiences. Fun fact, did you know that Charlottes’ fathers name is also Gary :O and if you know Geordie Shore, then you’ll know why that both shocked and amazed me.

If you are not a fan of hers, then obviously you are going to be in two minds about buying or even just reading this book. I am defiantly going to warn you because she is brutally honest in this book and you may find her a little crude as she doesn’t hold back. I was able to finish this book within a day or two and I wholeheartedly LOVED this book!!!

I would definitely recommend this book!!! I give it a massive 5 out of 5 stars!


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